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Next President of the United Fates of America
thanks for that Hillary poker face hand signal video!
Lester Holt had the complete debate line up of questions stacked to blunt a Trump performance,
but Trump himself also fed into the bait often with too much over elaboration.
Trump also effectively pushed back on many of Holt's interruptions,
but got mired often in things like Miss Piggy the Venzuelan Pillsbury Dough Girl,
from the Miss Universe pageant.

My memory as well is that you never see Hillary Clinton in prior debates and such,
with this finger face inside baseball debate strategy, 
like is suspected between her and Holt.

When you view it with the perspective of the hand signals,
then you realize why she was so fidgety there during Trump's comments.

It is a major multi network media news manipulation and conspiracy to oust Trump.
The CNN Clinton Clowndation news talk shows are on a parade and celebration now.
The conspiracy goes much deeper most likely.
Imagine what former CIA shadow operatives of the Bush family may have contingency planned.

Trump hopefully learned a valuable lesson from this debate and realizes that he will need more than improv.
If Clinton can't cheat her way into the presidency with the next two debates,
ie, if Trump wins those, 
then Hillary's Clowndation and Bush era CIA voodudes will either have to assassinate Trump,
or she will step aside,
for those deeper conspiracy constituents to manage a post election ... adjustment Hmm2

Or she just will overwhelm Trump with the multi network media marathon against him.

Trump has to win the next debate decisively enough to move voter demographics his way.

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