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Next President of the United Fates of America
Trump Rofl
caught red faced talking pussy in 2005.

That tape was sand bagged by the Clinton Clowndationville Washington Post,
to coincide with the Assange release of the emails,
which is why it wasn't released just before the first debate.

The Post was waiting for the Assange Wikileaks to emerge,
then counter with the Trump pussy tapes Lol

What the Post could not forecast was whether or not the Wikileaks email release,
would actually be a smoking gun,
and it turns out that the smoking gun has choked,
otherwise the details would be global by now, 
especially on the Russian news, 
or in Trump's back pocket.

Regardless, Trump will have a tough time showing up for the debate,
sitting there and being pommeled by Town Hall questions, 
while Clinton basks in the primetime halo of CNN news pundits,
with their recurrent attempts at post debate trashing of Trump's answers.

He is in big trouble now for big mouth braggadocious pussy talk  in 2005.
The Republicans might abandon him and demand another runner.
Who would take that?
Cruz or Pence?
Trump will show character if he stands up to take the heat at the debate.
It ain't over til it's over,
and Hillary may not be the fat lady that sings yet.

Fucking Hillary just got a lot closer to being the next president however, 
and Putin's timing of the nuclear missile deployment on the Polish border,
is a primetime Putin message to the Clinton's and the Bush's,
and the Obama's.

Putin is gearing up for confrontation in Syria.
He still has deep pockets full of military will that he wants to unleash.
He is pushing this way too hard this time however,
and he may find this backfiring on him,
as his ego is beginning to overwhelm  his common sense.
We shall see if Putin can Teflon Napoleon his way around this aggression,
like Trump has successfully so far in the election.

Aside from that,
the timing of the Trump pussy tape clearly shows that the entire election
is rigged for Clinton by a huge sector of news corporations,
and Clinton Clowndation supporters.

Pussy talk isn't pillow talk, Nonono
and Trump got caught acting like the Pussymaster Pimp of NYC.

CNN has him on the high toaster setting now,
while they  fan the flames and the spead the smoke,
and that toaster setting  would be ... burnt toast.

We shall see if Trump survives the next 5 days.


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