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Next President of the United Fates of America
You should have seen what happened on CNN while watching them attempt to hang Trump.

Anna Navarro came unglued and went almost berserk at Scottie Nell Hughes,
who is defending Trump alone against 5 other CNN Clintonistas.
Don {don't squeeze my} Lemon consistently interrupted her,
and basically wouldn't let the other Republican even speak by interrupting him in 5 seconds flat.
Gloria Bourgeois Jew Borger looked bad,
like a fossilized lizard skull face as she bantered on and on about Trump.
Then CNN had that hard boiled egghead dickhead Brian Stelter spewing opinions,
while barely able to hide his hard on with all the excitetation he was exhibiting.

But that hag Navarro absolutely went bitch crazy berserkoqueen as she gagged out her wild tantrum.

She was so out of control that CNN took their break,
and then came back without here there on the panel Whip
with the excuse that Anna was too tired to continue and had to go home Rofl

Let me be vulgar about it.
Navarro is a crazy nasty bitch that showed her true colors in her complete meltdown over the Trump tape.
"Crazy nasty bitch" is me being kind to her, 
and actually not near as vulgar as she deserves.

Now to Trump.

What Trump should have done with his apology was this:

Trump should have siad,
"I apologize for what I said ten years ago, 
and it is always my first duty and obligation to Make America Great Again,
and to accomplish that for the betterment and benefit of the nation and Republican party unity, 
I resign my position as the Republican presidential candidate,
and nominate my vice presidential choice Mike Pence.
on ...

Going to the debate on Sunday may be an even worse blunder.
Tomorrow scores of Republicans will unendorse Trump.

The whorehouse at CNN is an absolute sickening display of Clinton droogs,
dressed and parading the CNN circus as their news pundits.

That being said, what happened to Trump was unfair and definitely rigged.
Hillary and Bill clinton are the big Kahunas of election Rig-a-roni.

Eat it up America,
Clinton Clowndationville is the crapple pie Whip
that they will serve up from the White House.

Donald Trump  Doh  
when you pussy talk like that and get exposed so perfectly on a video tape  Naughty
you just have to realize Hmm2
horny Bill Clinton's blow job from Monica Jawdrop
was an unrecorded event Herethere
Bill was able to plausibly deny so many aspects of the White House suck me closet. Nonono
I don't believe that the "suck me closet" in Bill Clinton's White House, 
was only just that,
it was the Bill Clinton Suck Me and Fuck Butt Me Closet at the White House.

Monica is lucky she didn't get pregnant,
but I bet she tried real hard.


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