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Next President of the United Fates of America
Good ones Wook,
I especially like the John Wayne image.

CNN had that cupcake Kaine on this morning trying to deflect from the Assange emails.
What I don't see anywhere are the smoking gun emails on Hillary sending weapons to al-Qaida,
but there is plenty more of other venues in those emails,
especially the banking emails,
and her comments on open borders etc etc etc.

Kaine with a dodgey face twist simply states that you cannot trust hacked emails to be true,
and that they are adulterated with essentially Russian lies.


No, the Russians aren't manipulating those emails,
they don't even need to,
and if the Russians were changing those emails,
they would have inserted loads of material on Clinton supplying weaponry to Muslim Ghouls,
and you just don't see that in any consequence that sticks.

It was obvious that Kaine was nervous and was evading the truth.
It is alos obvious that the Russians did perform some hacking into the Demos emails.
Well so what?
As if the US doesn't do the same?
Come on Man,
the real problem is that the Russians were able to do that in the first place.

If you leave your pant suit down at your ankles Hillary,
you are going to get fucked in your inbox Lol
by Russian intelligence,
and that is their job.

If I were Russian intel, I would hack Hillary's emails too.
The Democrats have nothing to complain about other than their own failing by Clinton,
with all the email scandals she let occur.

back to Kaine on CNN.
This guy is not a good or solid leader.
He is a lame and feeble cupcake with a Bill Clinton clown head set on top of melting frosting.
If Hillary were to suddenly push up daisies from health issues,
Kaine would be president, not a very good choice at all for Commander in Chief.
He is shaky and on the edge right now,
because the emails are finally being scrutinized to show that Hillary is Hillary Open Border Clinton.

The debate tonight will have 100 million people watching.
Trump has his chance to emerge from the mess his past created.

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