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Next President of the United Fates of America
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Quote:A study affirms that Common Core – yet another liberal social justice education reform – is a waste of taxpayer funds and benefits only those who devised the program.
Americans were told that the Common Core standards would close the achievement gap between white and minority students and make U.S. students “college and career ready.” Yet, a new study validates what grassroots parent groups have known all along: the federally funded program, which most states lapped up for a quick infusion of federal cash, has bombed.

In a study released in September at Education Policy Analysis Archives, authors Mindy Kornhaber, Nikolaus Barkauskas, and Kelly Griffith examined both the “federal and philanthropic funding for the reform” and conclude:
Quote:In essence, those who set directions for the Common Core and those who provided resources for its implementation have benefited, even as potential benefits to schools, educators, and students are elusive, and the entire claim may ultimately be empty.
In a review of the study, titled “Smart Money? Philanthropic and Federal Funding For the Common Core,” Teresa Mull of The Heartland Institute writes at the Washington Times:

Quote:None of this is news to anyone who has paid attention to the tremendous costs of Common Core or the devastating consequences it’s had on U.S. education. It would be fun to say, “We told you so,” but we can’t get our money back or our children’s lost educational opportunities — at least, not in time to regain what was wasted in the years they sat in classrooms in which they were taught confusing math problems and downright dangerous literature.
The Common Core is a federally
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