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Next President of the United Fates of America
... caught a spot shot on CNN while preparing breakfast this morning ...

Big tittie babe Brooke Baldwin CNN news caster now known as Brooke Buttwind Reefer
was playing tag with
Manu Raju Whip
as he was on site somewhere chasing Clinton Clowndation voodudes Pimp for opinions.

Like I said earlier Manu Raju is kind of a tiny shrimpy guy,
that gets easily dwarfed on the CNN news casts,
by the taller hot CNN females with nice long legs and big titties like Brooke Buttwind.


He is comical in his tiny stature sitting next to those CNN news females that have sex appeal,
Brooke Buttwind.

so I have to release the unofficial CNN cartoon of Man Raju.

[Image: jujF0Zj.png]


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