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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:Yeah,Beck is not only an idiot but he went around the bend sanity wise a few years back.

... and a few years back Hmm2
I went and visited a long time pot head hippie grower friend of mine,
and we sat there and smoked some of his great weed.
we are pie faced now, ... and suddenly he has Glen Beck on TV,
and he says,
I'm a Beck Head now. Scream

I was kind of flash frozen in a shitfaced smile of disbelief.
Not knowing what to say,
I picked up the guitar and changed the subject quick.


So, flashing through some news nasties tonight on a quick net search,
I ran across this.
Note ... this is BEFORE the last debate.

[Image: BN-QD617_bowman_M_20161006175709.jpg]

Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Monsanto Clinton all goofy and huggy bear warm-n-fuzzy in 2014.

They are supposedly good  Sheep  friends. 

October 7, 2016 WSJ article on the two starlets as role models for modern females.

Quote:Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton are more than accomplished women, 
campaign surrogates and friends,
as Chelsea reaffirmed on “The View” last month. 
They are members of a rising generation of female voters. 

In July 2016:

Quote:"Our friendship didn't start with politics and it will last long after this race is done," 
Chelsea told ET of her friendship with Ivanka in July. 
And a month later, Ivanka confirmed to Harper's BAZAAR, 
"Of course we're still friends.

Girly Friends.
I don't think so.
Not after that debate.

Ivanka greeting Bill Pussyhound Clinton before the debate.
[Image: db2ea955-f1b1-43d4-9def-448d24af8637.jpg...ormat&q=70]

now check out video at this link of the 1 second meeting between Chelsea and Ivanka
after the debate.
video will not trasfer, 
you have to watch at link ... 
heck I think I got it
[Image: trumpclinton-1476069443.gif?crop=1xw:1xh...size=768:*]

Lasted all of less than 2 seconds, 
they couldn't get away from each other fast enough.

Chelsea is going to inherit 250 million Clinton Clowndation dollars.
One guess what she will eventually do with it.

[Image: Tr3fEf7.jpg]

She is going to run for president.
All you can say about that is,
at least she isn't one of Bush Twins .... but then when you think about it Hmm2
she looks more like GW Bush Sr than Bill Clinton.


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