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Next President of the United Fates of America
Developing stories:

Clinton Clowndation Terrorists Fire Bomb Republican HQ in NC
"republican nazis advised to leave town"
spray painted on walls

At the very same time:
Clowndation News Network --- aka --- CNN --- interviews  a very few isolated Trump supporters, 
and present only one person in the video segment as their evidence,
who inferred
that he might "take patriotic action" if Clinton gets elected.  

Let's be very clear.
CNN pointed to this fellow as inferring that Clinton could be taken out.

For the record and the NSA hot dogs that may be keeping an eye here on the context of the posts:

Taking out Clinton is a very bad idea.
Even joking about it, is not a good idea.
I cannot stand the Clinton Clowndation global collusion and conspiracies,
but let Hillary take herself out with her own actions, 
or let the pneumoniac Hillary cough up her last breath on her own.

The most pressing issue of this bad idea of "taking Clinton out" is this:
If Clinton were to be assassinated,
then the country would have to endure that fucking cupcake Kaine as the new president.

Kaine is not presidential material by any long shot of the imagination,
but Pence is far more qualified.

That being stated for the record,
the battle to take Mosul from ISIS has started full force,
and the timing prior to the election is highly interesting.
Any military action of such dramatic nature can go bad as well,
especially if air strikes kill scores of civilians in the process,
or if ISIS starts human shielding with those civilians  -- 
and there are more than a million people in Mosul,
most of which are Sunni and not Shiite.

So as Iraqi Shiite forces and Kurdish Peshmerga advance,
they will no doubt win over the vastly outnumbered ISIS psychopaths,
but then the occupation forces and their actions will be very interesting to see.

Iraq has told Turkey to leave northern Iraq, and Turkey isn't budging.
That is another mess waiting to unfold as Turkey wants to isolate the Kurds into defenseless positions.

Trump points to "voter and voting fraud" ... blahblahblah ... get ready for the debate Donald.

Hopefully the best of Wikileaks is yet to be unleashed,
and that would need to be imminent, 
if there is any dirty laundry to be exposed still on the Clinton's.

Judge Perrine was on Fox news yesterday,
stating that she has known Trump for 25 years at hundreds of NYC social ecvents 
and private parties and never heard him talk or behave in the manner
depicted by the new onslaught of women claiming he attempted to push his sexual desires upon them.

This made me think about my own life when I was as young as Trump,
and my exploits of womanizing.

I remember an affair with a female attorney associate professor from UBC in Vancouver,
who moved down here to Bellingaham.

She was swimming in the local lake, emerged in her bathing suit,
and I liked what I saw so I engaged in conversation to get a date.

I got the date.
the date ended at my house in my bedroom where kissy kissy fun proceeded.
She did resist my attempts to pursue her body parts,
in particular my hands going up her dress.

But the kissy kissy activity still went on. 
This is where a young man has to make a decision.
You never push all the way,
because no means no,
but for God's sakes, if you don't keep trying, well you will never have sex,
and the next guy that tries harder will.

So what happens is that as the night lingers on,
suddenly the word no, 
eases and relents voluntarily,
and becomes a silent confirmation of the word yes,
aas the clothes come off slowly surely and voluntarily,
and the great sex then is unleashed between both participants Applause
in the buildup of the passion.

no nono no ... .. maybe ... then ... that silent yes, and shyness is tossed out the window,
and then she let me fuck her brains out from all directions.

After a couple of hours of mutual pleasure,
she was in my arms, 
and she very sweetly said,
Thank You Applause

the next morning!
Holy smokums, this female attorney comes back over to visit with an absolute scowl on her face!

and what does she say?
Quote:"About last night ... was that full consent or was that rape?"

Remember now, ---> this an attorney that was teaching at a university.

The point being:
many women regret the day after when a man has successfully seduced them into sex.
I never ripped her clothes off.
She voluntarily removed her panties and let me have her grand prize.

But the next day ... "was that full consent or was that rape".

I don't know about the rest of you men here,
but I have often had to seduce a woman into sex.
Many women enjoy the attention but want the right to say no.
Many women want to say no, but really want to have sex as well.
Often the seductive power of the man,
is what tips the scale of resistance to zero, 
and everybody enjoys a voluntarily received seduction in human sexuality.

Point being that these women that accused Trump ... waited up to 39 years Rofl
to file their sex complaints against Trump,
when it is so Clinton Clowndation fashionable ... just before the election. 

So the hypocrisy is quite grand in these pre election accusations,
and I don't doubt that Trump made advances towards them,
as he was a young flambouyant pussy hound,
but he NEVER raped anyone, or forced himself on any of them.
Most women finding a hand coming up their dress,
completely remove themslelves from the situation on an immediate level,
if they do not want that kind of sexual advancement on them.

I see nowhere that Trump forced any of them to stay put so that he could proceed.

So to cap the story,
this female attorney ... after her scowling complaint and regrets,
did not slap me in the face,
she did not leave my house that next morning while registering her accusatory question,
and later that evening,
we had even better sex.


and most women love that glass or two of wine,
while the mild pre seductive behavior heats up from the man involved.

Invest in a quality bottle of wine, 
and let her do the bulk of the drinking and talking,
was my batting practice approach as a young womanizer.
Once the liquor is working, 
then the seduction part is much easier to attempt.

In college days the young men I knew had a saying:
if you were still there all kissy kissy with her at 3AM in the morning,
you were going to get laid.

But you might not want to have sex with a female attorney Lol

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