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Next President of the United Fates of America
that was great improv!

I almost posted the Everly Bros video as well, that is amusing indeed.

When I was in the third grade in Augsburg Germany I convinced my parents,
to let me stay home one afternoon while they went shopping.

They had just purchased an Everly Bros. album and I loved the melodies.
So when they elft,
I played my favorite songs from the album, 
for like ... almost 3 hours.

later that evening my Dad said that the neighbors in the apartment building complained, 
and I was banned from using the stereo turntable thereafter.

I was devastated that I couldn't play the record player by myself anymore ...

but Hillary is no love song Nonono 

Hillary is a bad moon rising Whip

absolutely excellent --- Live! --- Emmy Lou Harris --- Bad Moon Rising


Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, Everly Bros, Willie Nelson & Chet Atkins - 
Good Hearted Woman
{low volume recording --- turn it up!}

A good hearted woman  --- 
she held her own very well and was genuinely sweet and true, 
in the Anderson Stupor CNN interview,

Melania Trump
[Image: landscape-1451924379-hbz-melania-trump-00-index.jpg]

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