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Next President of the United Fates of America
The Clowndation News Network aka CNN addressed the videos showing the collusion between DNC
the Clinton Clowndation Terrorists
that were sending in ghouls to cause violence at Trump rallies.

Apparently DNC has fired the group and disavowed any knowledge of their actions Rofl

I haven't seen FOX news address it yet, 
but you can bet that Trump will use it tonite!


News out of Czeck republic states that the "Russian hacker"  Tp
that invaded the Clinton - Podesta emails, 
was arrested in a hotel room in Prague ... and details are sketchy --
and he then "collapsed unconscious" upon arrest  Naughty

Maybe he ate a cyanide gummi bear Whip


lots of mumbo jumbo about FBI investigation and extradition to US

This should be quite interesting, and I don't buy this new crap either.


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