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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:Gov. Greg Abbott wants Texas to lead the call for a revolt against President Obama. Gov. Abbott has released a nearly 70-page anti-Obama plan – detailing nine proposed constitutional amendments that he said would unravel the federal government’s decades-long power grab and restore authority over the economic regulation and other matters to the states.
VIA    Tea Party
Know this: Sedition has infested our government and a diabolical scheme to commandeer America has been exposed. Our citizen-driven Republic is being turned into a totalitarian state right under our nose!
What the Global Elitists can’t have they now seek to destroy. Think I’m kidding? Keep reading!
BREXIT was the UK’s Tea Party. The UK figured out the Global Elitist’s secret weapon. They discovered that the use of uncontrolled migration was the kingpin to commandeer any nation… leaving it helpless in the face of the advancing hordes.
Watch out! Just like the Global Elitists tightened their grip on the throats of the European Union nations, The Obama thugs are now tightening their grip on the throats of the American people.
Washington needs to know We the People mean business! Send them a copy of your Citizen Declaration Of Independence today!
A word of caution: Global Elitists has infested the U.S. government, lusting after their crown jewel – America! They dream of capturing America alive and then eviscerating us for their own filthy wealth… but they have another thing coming because we are the backlash!
Believe me; Tea Party is taking the lead!  The government must surrender to the will of the people or else another French Revolution could be replayed, but not on European soil, but in our own backyards. Can we afford that? I pray it doesn’t come to an American ‘French Style’ Revolution.
*Since our last report things are getting very ugly and picking up speed*
Here is just a short list shocking events.
  • Obama arrogantly rebels against Supreme Court ruling refuses to deport illegal aliens, why?
  • Hillary becomes ‘jail proof’ as the alphabet agencies are told to stand down, why?
  • Saudi Arabia and terrorist nations pour billions of dollars into Hillary’s campaign, why?
  • 18.7 million Migrants and millions of illegal aliens exempted from Oath of Allegiance, Pledge to Defend America and Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, why?
  • Islamic terrorist cells are activated for simultaneous attacks; Orlando Florida was the test, why?
  • 17 more gun and ammo grab bills in Congress now, why? (Even after Tea Party defeated 4 bills just the other day)
Why? Being blunt, some bad sh*t is headed our way, so you better wise up and get ready! It’s time to dismantle the Washington elite machine now before it rolls over all of us!
Once again, there is some bad trash coming down the pike!  I can’t tell you everything here, but hold on!
Here are their secrets: Obama thugs and the Global Elitists scheme:
SECRET 1 -> Commandeering America can only be done by the mass importation of illegal aliens from terrorist nations. To speed up the takeover Americans must be disarmed so the transition is unchallenged by the people being displaced, which are the American citizenry. Once the balance of power shifts from the American people into the hands of Islamic terrorists and third world operatives then police power can step in to quash the rebelling citizens and nationalize their wealth for redistribution and the global good.
SECRET 2 -> Here is their operating procedure -> Immigration Without Assimilation Is Annihilation.
Listen up. You heard me right, the Obama thugs and the Global Elitists will flood America with undocumented militant men from terrorist nations and third world operatives refusing to give them the core beliefs and foundational elements necessary to comprehend America, thereby denying them an understanding of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and our great heritage… therefore making it impossible for anyone to assimilate!
Got it! Read this again: Immigration Without Assimilation Is Annihilation
Makes sense doesn’t it? The unfortunate result of this dastardly scheme is nothing short of annihilation. Annihilation of what? The annihilation of rights, the Constitution and all who resist… A.K.A. You and Me!!
Don’t just sit there like a frog on a log! Send all 435 House Members and all 100 Senators your ‘Citizen Declaration Of Independence’ 535 Pages in all!
What this means is very simple: CIVIL WAR! Whose side are you on?
Obama thugs demand support of mass importation of tens of millions of un-vetted young militant migrants from terrorist nations and third world hostile countries.
Tea Party says; HELL NO. Will you?
Obama thugs demand the elimination of the Oath of Allegiance, Pledge to Defend America and Pledge of Allegiance to the flag for all who march into America.
Tea Party says; HELL NO. Will you?
Obama thugs demand Americans turn a blind eye to the buildup of terrorist cells and remain silent as neighborhoods are slowly converted into Islamic terrorist compounds.

Tea Party says; *%+# YOU and HELL NO.  Will you?
We The People must pull the plug on the commandeering of America, and we have to do it NOW!
This is what we are going to do. Like Lexington Concorde at the start of the first war for independence, now the shot heard round the world will be the Citizen Declaration of Independence.
We will send your copy to all 435 Members of the House and all 100 Members of the Senate!  They will get the message that tens of millions of citizens are as mad as hell and we are now declaring our Citizen Declaration of Independence from tyranny!
If you haven’t got anything else, then get this now: Obama thugs and Global Elitist are planning to displace the American people through mass importation of militant men from terrorist nation and third world operatives to cause civil upheaval, and in response the Obama thugs will use police power to grab the guns and ammo and declare martial law.
Yes! We are the backlash! WE RESIST!
We the People declare our independence from the totalitarian ironfisted rule of mandated and forced immigration which is nothing less than a scheme to force We the People into submission or annihilation.
Got it?
Here is your Declaration of Independence:
Citizen Declaration Of Independence

The unanimous declaration of We the People.
When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to demand a change in the path set before us by those we have placed in power, now it’s such a time.
We are compelled to enforce our demands upon our own government for the welfare of our families and fellow citizens. Our strides toward life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is being curtailed and is suffering great damage by those who govern us, placing the interest of other countries and peoples above the interests of We the People.
Our safety and happiness has been challenged by the recent decisions by those we have elected to office and now have endangered the citizenry, the welfare of our beloved nation, and future generations.
When those in power refuse to consider the welfare and future of the citizenry they have pledged to protect, then those in power become tyrants and this will not stand.
We the People Demand
  • Cease mass immigration for any reason or cause from those nations that are considered terrorist-based nations.
  • Cease any and all firearm and ammunition registration or infringement of firearm and ammunition ownership.
  • Mandate to all wishing to immigrate into the United States or having a temporary resident status take citizenship classes, which include, but are not limited to, pledging both verbally and in written form the Oath of Allegiance, Pledge to Defend America and Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.
We declare:
  • We reject socialist global rule.
  • We reject totalitarian ironfisted rule.
  • We will protect our families and property.
  • We will keep our firearms and ammunition.
America is an independent nation and shall stay as such. For We the People will pledge our life, liberty and sacred honor in protecting our nation, our rights, our families and the future of our children.
Do not take this Citizen Declaration of Independence lightly, for this is just our first installment in the preservation of our great nation.
Proud Member of We the People.
Street address
city, state, zip
It is now time to take the next step; we must protect our life, liberty and property! The day of sitting fat is over and now we must secure independence. This is why a true patriot you must step forward and send this to all 435 members the House and all 100 members of the Senate.
They must know we are the backlash, we are the resistance and we are done being pushed around. We are standing in the way of the commandeering of America.
Don’t sit there like a frog on a log get busy and send your Declaration of Independence to all 435 members the house representatives, all 100 Senators that is; 535 pages total! [CLICK HERE]
Do it now, tomorrow America may be commandeered!
Steve Eichler
CEO, Tea Party
[Image: eichlersignature.jpg]
P.S. – I wish I didn’t have to write letters like this but my patriotism demands it. It’s time to keep the fires burning at the Tea Party and to let Washington know we are not going away, just the opposite, we are growing because of strong patriots like you! May God bless you, your family and America.
What do you think about this?
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