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Next President of the United Fates of America
Kim-Ha Albert[/url]
6 hrs ·

Bill Clinton got everyone to lie for him for 3 years, including his own wife, when he was up to his neck in scandal getting oral sex from an intern, which ultimately forced him to leave office disbarred and disgraced. During the illegal war in SFR Jugoslavija - SFR Yugoslavia, which his Clinton, Inc. machine fomented and egged on, just as Victoria Nuland, Mrs. Clinton's State Department lackey, who sponsored and supported a neo-Nazi fascist government in Ukraine, with her comment "Fuck the EU!" being recorded and heard world-wide, Bill used Depleted uranium, the "Gift" (German: Poison) which keeps on giving! He was no longer in any frame of mind to continue being president, so he allowed 250,000 people to get slaughtered while he was just too busy covering up his own ass and praying he wouldn't go to prison. Lies helped him then, and now, everyone is lying for Mrs. Clinton. Michelle is out there campaigning for this crook, telling lies to everyone who might listen, knowing full-well and keenly aware that the Clintons are completely unreconstructed slime-balls, and she and her war criminal hubby, Barack Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning FRAUD, who kills civilians and "undesirable" US citizens with the Predator B drone in his practice of Targeted killing, who knew about the rogue email server, and was regularly emailing Hillary using a fake name, are accomplished and pathological liars, too! That''s these fuckers' MO. Hillary Clitoon will continue this legacy of lies and failure if she happens to get elected president. And what's really great about this new investigation into the "Carlos Danger" Anthony Weiner sexting scandals (which revealed what Ed Henry on Fox News said this morning, is that "tens of thousands of new emails" are under review), is that it summarily shut the odious, monotonous droning pie hole of our inglorious leader of the so-called "free world", who, like a coward and hypocrite, hid behind the four letters of "NATO" when he and Hillary alone arrogantly demanded that "Muamar Gaddafi MUST GO!" and thus became responsible for the indiscriminate destruction of modern Libya, --this demagogue, and all of his evil minions, like this worthless Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, who previously claimed that "the Department of Justice stays out of politics" and the FBI "investigations" and who has now done a complete 180°, is about as criminal as Eric Holder, found by the Congressman Darrell E. Issa, head of the Congressional Commission investigating the illegal gun-running Operation Fast and Furious, to be in criminal contempt of congress, and even more crooked than John N. Mitchell, Nixon's Attorney General, who went to prison for far less, during the Watergate scandal of the mid-1970's.
Demand the indictments of FBI Director Comey and Atty Gen Loretta Lynch for shielding from prosecution Hillary Clinton
Demand the Arrest and Criminal Prosecution of Barack Obama for war crimes.
Demand Barack Obama return his Nobel Peace Prize
Arrest and Charge Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton Is A Warmonger & A Puppet For Wall Street
Abdulrahman Anwar Alawlaki - A crime we'll never forget
US Atty Gen Loretta Lynch, aka Eric Holder, Must Go!
[Image: safe_image.php?d=AQDzZ0PALrBF7X98&w=476&...650&sh=340]
Judicial Watch Is Suing The FBI For Records About Bill Clinton's Secret Meeting With Loretta Lynch
Transparency.|By Katie Pavlich
Never invite a Yoda to a frog leg dinner.
Go ahead invite Yoda to a Frog leg dinner

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