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Next President of the United Fates of America
is bailing on Hillary !

Quote:Wikileaks proves Podesta is lying about “Russian Hackers”. Victim of phishing scam from Ukraine
[Image: Screen-Shot-2016-06-27-at-12.41.40-PM-150x150.png]Alex Christoforou42 mins agoOctober 31, 2016 0 115
Why is the Clinton campaign talking about "Russian Hackers", when in reality he should be talking about "Ukrainian Hackers" Wikileaks has just blown apart the entire Clinton campaign lie about “Russian Hackers” working in unison with Wikileaks to tilt the elections towards Donald Trump’s favor.

Last week The Duran reported on how John Podesta had lost his mobile device with all his emails in a taxi cab.
Quote:No one is to blame for the Wikileaks John Podesta emails other than Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.
Emails released by Wikileaks from John Podesta, show that Podesta lost his mobile phone approximately one year ago in a taxi. Upon losing his mobile phone, which had all his email communication, Podesta took no immediate precautionary measures.
The Smoking Gun reports that John Podesta also fell victim to a gmail phishing scam from an ip address originating from Ukraine…not Russia.
[Image: jpodestahack.jpg]
What is Podesta doing using gmail anyway? This is the man who could potentially be the next POTUS Chief of Staff, and he is communicating via gmail.
Not very secure Mr. Podesta, and very easy to hack for just about any hacker, anywhere.
And finally, why is John Podesta and the Clinton campaign talking about “Russian Hackers”, when in reality he should be talking about “Ukrainian Hackers”, and how Ukraine is trying to influence the outcome of the US elections.
And so this would mean that Trump is not a Putin puppet, but a Poroshenko puppet. And since Poroshenko is a US puppet….then Trump is…well you get the idea and the ridiculous nature of the whole Clinton hacking narrative. Bottom line is John Podesta was reckless in his private communications.
Via The Smoking Gun
Quote:So how did John Podesta’s e-mail account get hacked?
The answer to that question came into embarrassing focus this morning with the latest Wikileaks dump of correspondence stolen from the Gmail account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman.
On March 19, a Saturday, Podesta received an e-mail–purportedly from Google–warning him that, “Someone has your password.” The alert (seen above) informed Podesta that a sign-in attempt from an IP address in Ukraine was thwarted and that, “You should change your password immediately.”
The e-mail, addressed “Hi John,” included a blue “CHANGE PASSWORD” box to be clicked.
As TSG reported in August, similar messages were sent to the Gmail accounts of scores of other Clinton campaign officials around the time Podesta received the phony alert. An identical e-mail–containing the exact Ukrainian IP address–was received on March 22 by William Rinehart, a campaign organizer. The IP address included in the e-mails received by Podesta and Rinehart traces back to Kyivstar, Ukraine’s largest telecommunications company.
[Image: Podesta-Phish.png][Image: Podesta-Phish-2.png][Image: Podesta-Phish-3.png][Image: Podesta-Phish-4.png]
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