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Next President of the United Fates of America
Great posts, 
but this one doesn't make sense or prove anything.

Alex Christoforou42 mins agoOctober 31, 2016 115

Quote:Wikileaks proves Podesta is lying about “Russian Hackers”. 
Victim of phishing scam from Ukraine

The Smoking Gun reports that John Podesta also fell victim 
to a gmail phishing scam from an ip address originating from Ukraine…not Russia.

The IP address included in the e-mails received by Podesta and Rinehart
traces back to Kyivstar,
Ukraine’s largest telecommunications company.

You did say the "everybody hacked Hillary's emails".
Which I disagree with,
or these email leaks would have emerged from far more sources than just Wikileaks, obviously.

But it is much more highly probable that Russian Kremlin sanctioned hacking,
is highly sophisticated enough,
to run the hacks through a variety of IP addresses,
and especially,
the Russians would use that Ukrainian IP Whip to cover their tracks Lol

Russian hacking of US internal affairs is really very old hat.

So what if they hacked Hillary's emails?
Give Putin a round of applause.

The NSA hacks as much Russian horseshit as they can all the time as well.

But the Russians are smart enough  Hi
to make it a lot harder to hack Putin and the Kremlin Clowndom,
whereas Hillary  Doh
was caught with her Pant Suits down at her feet for months at a time.

I think the Russians are certainly a top suspect choice for the hack,
and the US government has the national security duty,
to do a better job in protecting itself from the international hackers.

Hillary shot herself in the foot and wants to blame it on Putin,
and if his hackers did likely do it,
it's still Hillary's fault for being a lackadaisical Clinton Clowndation Fuckwit.

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