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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:but truthfully, you expect MSNBC MEANSTREAM MEDIA whores of Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, and that ancient Lawrence Odonnel "Last Word"

Don't frame your comments as if I expect anything out of the sources you quote above.

Where do I ever quote any of the above you mentioned?

I don't even watch those shows.

read my posts more carefully

Quote:I find that Bret Baier material {last post} to be taken skeptically.

... sources within the FBI just don't do that [Image: nonono.gif] in this sensitive of a case ...

I suppose I could clarify:

Sources within the FBI do not suggest to FOX news that an indictment is inevitable,
during the last week of a presidential campaign,
when the FBI is under extreme scrutiny at the moment,
then use a disclaimer:
"... unless the justice dept. interferes .."  

That is nonsense and reeks of disinfo or just armchair opinion,
being given to Baier by somebody that is not FBI at all.

That is why I find it unlikely that there is a source of competence that Baier is quoting.

If Clinton had been hacked by so many foreign govt's or indidviduals,
far more material would have emerged from a variety of sources,
not just Wikileaks.
I think that is quite obvious.


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