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Next President of the United Fates of America
by Reiyuki
This all has to do with Podesta Group Inc. A BIG multinational lobbying firm, cofounded by none other than John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's Campaign manager.
Quote:Hillary Clinton, The Podesta Group And The Saudi Regime: A Fatal Menage A Trois
Quote:The lobby firm created by both Tony and John Podesta in 1988 receives $140,000 a month from the Saudi government, a government that beheads nonviolent dissidents, uses torture to extract forced confessions, doesn’t allow women to drive, and bombs schools, hospitals and residential neighborhoods in neighboring Yemen.
Opponents will say that everything is run by his brother and that John Podesta has no connection to it.
Buuuut, guess what our friends @ wikileaks have for us:
'Podesta Group Inc.' are some big, shady mofo's with their hands in a lot of places:
As for the rest of them: Podesta Group's Employee List:
I implore someone to wikileaks-check these names as I bet you will find some very juicy connections in there.
Someone also please help cross-reference Podesta Group's dealings with Podesta's Wikileaks messages. There is probably a goldmine of corruption just waiting to be uncovered here.
Besides that:
  • Every time Trump's Russian conspiracies come up, this comes up.
  • Every time Trump's attitude toward women comes up, remind them how Clinton's closest allies treat women in their country (hint: not good. They still behead witches.)
  • Every time they bring up LGBT rights, remind them that the people funding her campaign would behead them in their own country.
(Edit: Thanks everyone!, I am flattered that we're all finally talking about this issue now, running it all up reddit+twitter. Her campaign is probably ALREADY dead, but the more we can expose this kind of deep, slimy corruption, the more we can prevent it from happening in the future.)
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