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Next President of the United Fates of America
Stephen Lendman blog:

Quote:never mind evidence, there is none {on Russian hacking}


and horseshit  Horsepoop  

You are willing to say that several other countries hacked Hillary's email,
not Russia.

what a laugh.

So the FBI statements are all lies on Russian hacking? ... and all behind Clinton?


Three Blind Mice and Three Goofy Monkey's could see and think more clearly than that.

How does "Stephen Lendman" know anything about what evidence the FBI has on Russian hacking,
when the FBI will not release that evidence?

That is an opinion blog with no facts whatsoever to back up his claims on the emails.

If you look at his blog as evidence,
then where is the evidence that any of the emails are even real and not faked?

The only true evidence in that regard,
is that the Hillary campaign has not refuted any of the emails as fakes,
though they are pushing that just now this morning on the Clinton Clowndation News Channels.

Yes, I seriously doubt that those emails have any fakery in them.


Wiki emails today again point to "suggesting" that CNN fed Donna Brazile
all the questions to the CNN presidential debate.
Brazile was fired by CNN and an "internal investigation" into the leaks at CNN is under way.

Corrupt Network News.

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