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Next President of the United Fates of America
This is very interesting:

Quote:In the same interview Donald Trump hinted at withdrawing support for rebels in Syria,
instead opting for cooperation with the country’s legitimate government 
under the leadership
of President Bashar al-Assad

That actually is not true.
Trump wants to improve relations and cooperation with Putin, not Assad.

Trump wants to eradicate ISIS,
then essentially leave Syria for Russia to enforce.

Quote:“I’m not saying Assad is a good man, ‘cause he’s not, 
but our far greater problem is not Assad, it’s ISIS.”

Trump is not withdrawing support for the Syrian mixed forces now trying to encircle Raqqa.

Quote:One war effort is against the Islamic State, 
in which the United States is supporting 30,000 Syrian-Kurdish and Syrian-Arab fighters, 
who last weekend announced they were opening a new phase of the battle, 
beginning to encircle the ISIS capital in Raqqa. 
There are roughly 300 United States Special Operations forces on the ground assisting these militia.

The second effort is in support of rebels fighting Mr. Assad. 

The C.I.A. covert program is by far the largest conduit of support, 
providing antitank missiles to rebels fighting the government. 
That is the program that Mr. Trump seems most intent on ending. 
If the United States pursues that line, 
“We end up fighting Russia, fighting Syria,” 
Mr. Trump told The Journal.

Now look back to my statement:

Quote:Trump wants to eradicate ISIS,
then leave Syria to Russia to enforce. 

Once ISIS is dismantled in Raqqa,
which may be just a few months away,
then Syria Whip
becomes predominantly a Russian responsibilty,
and thus the Russians will incur prolonged high costs of continued war and occupation,
as US involvement decreases ... more sooner than later.

Remaining ISIS power infrastructuire will have to spread out to Africa and Afghanistan,
but will also linger in Syria,
and it will be the Russians that will bear that burden,
against all the lingering endless Sunni based resistance therein.

Since we aren't going to take northern Syria,
best to clean out ISIS from their capital,
and slowly but surely unload the entire war burden in Syria for the Russians to pay for.

The problem that Trump has with that peachy scenario of "more sooner than later"
in getting out of Syria with his plan to make Putin pay,
provides an end result in which Iran gains the power infrastructure in Syria just as much as Russia does,
and that is exactly what Trump blasted the Obama administration for doing in Iraq. 

So when and where does the fight against ISIS actually end?

In northern Syria when US air force backed coalitions take Raqqa in the coming months?


At what point do we just get out of Syria,
and actually REALLY leave it for the Russians then?
To let them incur the cost of war enforcement and occupation?

After all,
ISIS will be active in Afghanistan and Africa.

Top ISIS political infrastructure will be fleeing Raqqa or they will die ...  more sooner than later.

The wild cards still remain as Israel and Iran.
ISIS is just war drama 101 compared to when Israel takes out the Iranian nuclear plants.

WW3 has several more chapters to read during the Trump administration.

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