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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:CONFIRMED: Russia prepares heavy bombers, Syrian Army gives Jihadis 24 hours to surrender

Excellent article with quotes from the Russian fleet captain.

Yes, the attack on east Aleppo is right on schedule with the first week of post election chaos.

Those al-Nusra fighters and their allies had better get outta Dodge fast.

Dodge being east Aleppo.
Or maybe Dresden is a better comparison of what is to happen there in Aleppo.

I read somewhere that the civilians had 24 hours to exit via "humanitarian corridors"
but were too afraid to trust the Assad regime passage to anywhere safe outside the city.
So most of those civilians are staying put for the carpet bombardment.

It will be Hell on Earth there in Aleppo very soon.
The severity of the offensive will be ... intense,
and a major hi tech military weaponry testing venue / opportunity for the Russians.  

the Russians would say ... waddya want? ... the only good ghoul is a dead ghoul ...

Assad lives for another day in his Alawite ghoul infested Damascus,
but he will be relocating to Russia or Iran in the near future.

In the meantime where does al Nusra relocate in the here and now of Russian war games in Aleppo?

This coordinated Russian / Syrian / Hezbollah / Iranian massive attack surrounding east Aleppo,
is telling the al Nusra allied rebels,
that they can hide, 
but they can't run anymore.

time to hide and die ... maybe that's easier or better than running and dieing.

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