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Next President of the United Fates of America
Yesterday driving home through town once again,
the college 989 students   Lol 
had a road blocked, though they appeared to be quite organized.

However they were occupying a Burlington Northern SF train crossing.
right along the waterfront.
Now I do not know for certain if they were stopping the train movement,
but I doubt that the BNSF railway people were allowing trains to even slowly move through that crowd.

That won't happen too many more times,
as BNSF has a lot of power and that involves federal law with train transport.
Blocking highways is one thing, stopping interstate movement of commerce is another,
and is a far more serious felony action.

My assumption is that if these students are doing this to also disrupt the train movement,
well ... there will be a mess of arrests in downtown here in the coming days,
and the police will be filling the jail overnight.
That alone could overwhelm the jail capacity very quickly.

It has been a daily event here in bellingham.
It will be interesting to see when they burn out and give up.

The high school students have joined the protests as well, opting to leave their classes.

Mayors in several cities vowing to protect illegal immigrants from deportation.
Will Trump follow through and deport people while splitting families apart?

A huge surge in cross border illegal immigration going on right now.
Illegal Immigrants ‘Surge’ on Southern Border Ahead of 2016 Election

Obama admin confirms large influx of illegal immigrants

Quote:The Department of Homeland Security published new statistics on Monday 
that confirmed at least 408,870 illegal aliens 
were apprehended along the U.S. southern border in fiscal year 2016, 
a 23 percent surge from this time last year.

The rate of juvenile illegal immigrants being apprehended on the border also has increased, 
according to the statistics, which show a 49 percent jump from similar periods in 2015.

The surge in illegal immigrants comes as leading members of Congress 

pursue an investigation into the precise number of individuals the Obama administration 
wrongly granted citizenship and immigration benefits.

“The 408,870 does not include those illegal aliens who evaded detection 
and successfully entered the United States,” Sessions said. 
“Earlier this year, Brandon Judd, the president of the National Border Patrol Council, 
testified before the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest 
that for every one illegal alien who is apprehended, 
another evades arrest. 
This statistic reportedly has been confirmed by DHS, 
but the Obama administration refuses to release that information.”

“Using that rate as a baseline, 
that means approximately 408,870 illegal aliens evaded detection, 
for a grand total of roughly 817,740 illegal entries into the United States last year,” 
according to Sessions, 
who added that it is “notable” DHS’s statistics 
do not “indicate how many of the 408,807 apprehended aliens were actually removed from the United States.”

Immigration experts have told Congress that around 80 percent of the illegal immigrants 
apprehended by U.S. Border Patrol are released and not scheduled for deportation.

“Data revealed earlier this year indicated that the Obama administration 

allowed 97 percent of the unaccompanied illegal alien juveniles it previously apprehended 
to remain in the United States, instead of being deported,” according to Sessions.


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