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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:Trump talks to Romney
and shakes hand
speaks a lot about Trump's character
and that's a good thing !

I saw that in a fleeting moment on TV.
They both looked satisfied,
and that's a good thing!

the Romney - Trump handshake was just before CNN's John Pee Wee Berman Whip
had a news flash about Obama in Peru,
meeting with the Chinese slicktator dictator Xi JinPing,
in which Ping was talking about the "hinge moment" in US - China relations.

Quote:Xi says the two are meeting at a “hinge moment” in the U.S.-China relationship. 
He says he hopes the two nations will focus on cooperation and managing their differences.

Xi JinPing on the left, Obama on the right, 
and notice the flags in the background --- two Chinese and two American.
[Image: ObamaPeruAPECSummit-72e16.jpg?uuid=geA9T...GSGhxl0gQw]

Later in the Peru conference, 
Ping is shaking hands with that disgusting degenerate Duterte from the Phillipines  Hmm2

[Image: raelyn%2Bluchansky%2B2.jpg] 

A whole lotta fuck off and fly ...  in the latino news report in Peru

Quote:Obama was likely to offer additional reassurance Console
during a one-on-one meeting Saturday with Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, 
who took office as Peru's president earlier this year.

On Friday, before Obama's late-night arrival in Peru's oceanfront capital, 
Kuczynski warned that the U.S. presidential election is a sign of growing hostility Whip
toward free trade that threatens the global economy. 

He told delegates gathering for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum 
that global trade had stopped growing in the past two years, 
and would only worsen if nations wall off their economies — 
as Trump has pledged to do with an agenda that calls for putting America's interests above all else.

"It is fundamental that world trade grow again and that protectionism be defeated," 
said Kuczynski, who did not mention Trump by name.

Obama has argued for some time that globalization is here to stay Nonono
and that governments must address people's fears about what the changing economics mean for them.

Obama was also meeting Saturday with leaders of 11 APEC countries 
that joined the U.S. to negotiate the sweeping Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, 
which Trump opposes. 

The agreement appears all but dead in the U.S., 
given that top Republican and Democratic congressional leaders 
have said lawmakers will not vote on it before they adjourn for the year.

Obama supports international trade deals as a way both to boost U.S. exports and create jobs domestically, 
and the TPP deal was a key component of his strategy 
to "pivot" U.S. policy toward Asia to take advantage of the region's fast-growing marketplaces and, 
at the same time, 
to create a counterweight to China's growing influence in the region.

Trump leveled harsh criticism at China during the election, 
threatening the Asian powerhouse with hefty import tariffs 
over alleged trade and currency violations. 

Obama was also holding talks Saturday with Chinese President Xi Jinping, 
one of many world leaders who spoke with President-elect Trump this week.

Trump's team said he told Xi during their telephone conversation 

that he believes  
they will have one of the "strongest relationships for both countries moving forward." 


Xi told Trump that cooperation between the world's two biggest economies was necessary.


Xi told Trump that cooperation between the world's two biggest economies was necessary. 

"cooperation" in Chinese double speak translates into "you cooperate, we pretend to cooperate"

mother fuckers ... they build diesel submarines as fast as they can,
to tip the balance of sea power in the Pacific,
and they manufacture strategic military space hardware nonstop solely to confront US military power. 

Buy American.
Boycott Chinese Bullshit.

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