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Next President of the United Fates of America
powdery mildew ... it was part of his improv ... 

they all looked like powdered mildew when they were all covered in 911 dust

aside from that, 
the video was a big surprise.
Funny, he just let it all hang out there with his bomb descriptions ...
... except for one thing Trump said:
he called the construction of the building a steel walled can of soup,
but the building did have a steel core frame.

repost the Trump video


Wook's post on Dershowitz:


how about that!
I was quite surtprised to see the Dershowitz quote,
but in the video he was pretty specific about anti-Semitism.

That video is worth reposting here at the top of page as well
Breitbart does not allow posting of videos's ... cannot download link ...
I found a better video of Dershowitz on the very same subject:

quacker jack


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