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Next President of the United Fates of America
Trump talking tough with China cheating,
talking open business with Russia.

That is good.
In the long run, I don't think the Russians trust the Chinese either.

But the Chinese don't play sanctions on Russia.
So Russia did a lot of business with China.
Can we trust Putin? Hmm2
More than we can trust the Chinese, that is most certainly apparent.

It will be interesting to see how far Trump and Putin take their Love Boat carnival ride together.
Phony Pony Rides?
Friendly Ferris Wheel Deals?
Roller Coaster in Ukraine?
Bumper Cars in Syria?
Haunted House in China?
Videodrome Maze of Mirrors in Moscow?

No Wicked Witch in the Whitey House  Nonono

Cotton Candy and Popcorn are free at the Fortune Teller Trade Treaty Convention in DC.

Trump and Putin.
Maybe it will all be good,
and they can Flash Cadillac together in Las Vegas at the Casino Royale in the Plush Pussy Lounge.
Limosines arriving at the UN in NYC during the Miss Universe contest when the sanctions are lifted.

Meanwhile, Hillary is still trying to climb out of the Clinton Clowndation toilet,
where other terds like Wasserman-Schultz or Elzabeth Warren still float in turbulent waters.

And Bill Clinton is still a pussy Hi  hound.


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