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Next President of the United Fates of America

rhw 007 says

Quote:As I said before, we would be better served to stop making so many KILLING machines

Tell that to the Russians and in particular to the Chinese.

You sound as if the only country making money on weapons is the United States.
When you look at a country's trade income,
the Russians depend on weapon sales far more than the US does.

Aside from that,
Bolton today on FOX did have to answer to his statement on "false flag" with the Russian hacking,
of the Clinton Clowndation presidential campaign emails.

He hedged in many directions,
but did point out that the public would need definitive proof,
which I agree with.
He stated that --- "why would the Russians leave fingerprints on the hack?"

Just having the CIA say it happened,
isn't good enough.
They have to prove that it happened --- to the American public and voters

Obama playing out the Russian hacking investigation review card,
right as Trump takes office,
is somewhat of a counter move by a lame duck president,
almost a sabotaging of Trump's relations with Putin.

McCain was interviewed as well,
and he cast Putin as the killer and dictator that he is,
but that proves nothing,
as most world leaders who are dictators ... are just that anyways.

This gaining momentum on the Russian hacking issue,
will propel many GOP and Democritters to force Trump to respond.

Trump needs to hold firm, and force the CIA to PROVE it,
which I think they can,
but if they don't,
to the satisfaction of the senate, the congress, and the especially the American voters,
then it never did happen after all.

I think the Ruissians did do the hack, 
but retaliation in the form of sanctions etc., is a lost cause.

The solution is to fortify the national security on the capabilty of foreign powers,
or sociopathofuckos,
from hacking government data in the first place.

It should be law,
that if anyone hacks into your computer and steals your data or privacy,
that should be a form of kidnapping,
with heavy jail time.
We have 2nd and 3rd degree and manslaughter murder charges for murers,
the same could be applied to hacking,
perhaps as a 3rd degree form of kidnapping.

Hackers steal your life away.

Better to clean up at home first,
before tossing bricks at foreign powers without any evidence that the American public,
can sink it's teeth into.

the question is ...
if the Russian hacks are proven to Trump by the CIA,

In the meantime, ISIS just retook Palmyra from the Syrian army,
in the face of repeated Russian bombing missions on that assault.

There is no way that the Syrian Ghoul army,
can ever be a valid occupation force of territory they retake,
from the Sunni Ghouls affiliated with al-Qaeda.

That gap in manpower will have to be filled by Iranian troops and Hezbollah.
Not a pretty picture.

ISIS will have to spread out across northern and eastern Syria, once Raqqa and Mosul falls.
And elsewhere.
It appears that they are preparing for that.

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