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Next President of the United Fates of America
I listened to Obama's speech today.
In particular his assessment of his military policy in Syria.

He said that when summing up all the military advice and the political options,
he could see no way to address Syria militarily,
we were all in,
to take the entire country, .... and that it could not be done "on the cheap" .

Well that is exactly right,
exactly what I said needed to be done well over a year ago,
and unless you have the military will to do the job,
and occupy the country,
well ...
we see who has the military will to do the job thus far, 
and Putin is going all in,
and it will be a Russian - Iranian occupation..

Putin is very lucky that he has the US and western coalition air forces degrading ISIS.

US air strikes hit Palmyra today taking out the Russian missile air defense systems,
that ISIS had just captured,
which apparently the Russians didn't take care of on their own initiative.

A fairly large bipartisan agreement is underway on the Russian - Putin hacks,
regardless of true origin or intent.
Trump will have difficulty disregarding the mounting resistance to his support of Putin,
and the mounting calls for investigative exposure of the hacking and eventual retaliation.

Trump is on his Thank You Tour telling good jokes,
but he won't be stopping in Moscow any time soon, 
to see Putin smiling in his Kremlin Klowndation.

Heartbreak Hillary is like shredded pant suit fabric on bloody barbed wire in a cold Russian winter,
while she blames everybody but her herself for her failure and miserable mood.

Bill Clinton is currently the very silent post election pussy Pimp hound.


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