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Next President of the United Fates of America
A police man trigger plinked the Russian ambassador in Turkey.
That was dynamic on stage action by the gunman caught live on camera.
Everybody has seen the video by now.
Russians will be increasingly targeted by the tentacles of this war.

One for the money
Two for the show
Get ready Putin
You have a new foe

Trump is in LaLa land,
while the stock market halo of flies gets thick over the pyramid scheme of profit shit.

Chinese dirtbags steal our underwater drones,
and the psycho trucker is on the loose in Berlin,
while Jordanian military special forces are hunting down the terror cells that recently attacked,
and terrorism du jour goes epidemic globally.

Hillary looks like the Zombie apocalypse poster ho,
and Bill Clinton is still a pussy hound.

Michelle Obama is a no hope pope in Oprah's ho hell on TV,
while Barack thinks he is going to leave the battle for Raqqa to Humpty Trumpty to fall off the wall with.

Trump might tweet ISIS to death before he actually kills them all.

And guess who is sitting in the Cat Bird Seat next to Putin in the MidEast?
Assad and the AyaGhoulah in Iran as they get closer to taking Syria.
Not a pretty picture.

BeelzeBibi SatanYahu's silence is somewhat deafening, though his echo seems to never dissipate Hmm2  
Not a pretty picture.

Jesus just rolled out of his grave again and he's not happy this time,
as Mohammed needs a few bitch slaps to wake his sorry ass up.

Those were my observations from my lofty perch Hi  on Cloud 9, 
over the last 3 days.

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