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Next President of the United Fates of America
Humpty Trumpty might fall off the wall,
with all the bipartisan cooperation occurring with sanctions against Russia.

The Donald is going to release his "secret info" on the hacks,
after he is briefed by US disinfo Intel agencies.


he had better have a better comeback than all the hysteria out of the US govt. over this issue.

Difficult to trust anything out of DC when it comes to Intel.

What I distinctly remember is the monkey fuck brain dead buttcake Bushtard,
and his Intel agnecies,
"weapons of mass distruction" in Iraq.

In that regard however,
I still believe that the Russkies hacked Podunka Podesta and Hillary Hell Ho's emails.
as I have said many times,
that is old hat and both sides are engaged in cyber warfare.

This is all an excuse to cover up the glaring weaknesses in US National Security from hacking.
That is what needs to be addressed.
The Russians have been singled out,
when we know that the Chinese are far more involved in hacking our national security, 
and hi technology
to their benefit in military industrial production to make war against us.

We would have to pass sanctions against almost every government and stop all business with them.

The Chinese are the real threat,
and making some kind of friendy new beginnings with the Russians might be a really good idea,
in that regard.

Like Trump said,
no computer is safe,
that is exactly what the NSA wants here in America.

Maybe sanctions ... should be assigned against the NSA  Applause
... those NSA assholes,
with their internet flytraps, 
and butt pirate invasions into all your personal info. 

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