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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:Asked about what Trump may know he hasn’t explained, his designated White House communications director Sean Spicer said “(i)t’s not a question of necessarily revealing.”

“He’s going to talk about his conclusions and where he thinks things stand. He’s not going to reveal anything that was privileged or was shared with him classified.”

“I think he can share with people his conclusions of the report and his understanding of the situation and make sure people understand there’s a lot of (unanswered) questions out there.”

He called the FBI/DHS report alleging Russian hacking woefully inadequate and incomplete. It’s not final, he explained. Trump hasn’t seen it.

“(J)umping to conclusions before we have a final report is frankly irresponsible,” Spicer added. Separately he indicated “zero evidence” linking Russia to election hacking.

It’s clear why not. No hacking occurred. Information was leaked by one or more Democrat insiders upset about Hillary getting her party’s nomination the old-fashioned way - by stealing it.

Claiming Russian hacking to delegitimize Trump’s election is another DNC/Obama intelligence community dirty trick doomed to fail.
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