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Next President of the United Fates of America
Wook, this was a really good post!
Robert Steele: Donald Trump’s Bunker Hill Moment

Quote:Julian Assange has promised us a 2017 that will out-do 2016. 
I believe him. I believe the Rothchild family, JP Morgan and Citi-Bank, the Koch Brothers, 
and the Republican National Committee (RNC) 
as well as Scott Walker and Reince Priebus by name, 
to be on the high value target list for penetration and exposure.

Today, right now, Donald Trump is already being controlled and filtered. 
Reince Priebus and Mike Flynn specifically 
are withholding from Donald Trump critical information 
that would help him flourish in this Bunker Hill moment. 

The “capture” and neutralization of Donald Trump is well under way — 
Republicans close to him, not Democrats at arms length, are in deepest betrayal of his potential.
This week will define the Trump Administration. 

If he allows the US secret intelligence “leaders” to get away with the Deep State program 
to justify a new World War III level of funding for a war against Russia, 
at a time when we are our own worst enemies, 
then Donald Trump will become Barack Obama in white face — 
another puppet, another actor, 
who failed to be the greatest president in modern history, 
a president who could — with integrity — not just make America great again, 
but create a prosperous world at peace 
in which the 99% all want to stay home rather than invade Europe, Australia, and the USA.

I can't necessarily agree that "this week" will define the Trump administration,
on this overall issue of the psuh for retaliation against Russia.
Trump is being backed into a corner.

Other than that, this writer Robert Steele had an excellent commentary.

Today, McCain had his hearing with the DNI top man Clapper and some top navy admiral,
over this hacking issue.

The clincher was Clapper saying ...

Quote:Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper 
told the Senate Armed Services Committee 
that the CIA and other agencies 

are  Cry

increasingly Rofl

confident  Tp

that Russia used hacking, propaganda and misinformation 
in an effort to influence the U.S. election. 
He dismissed President-elect Donald Trump’s skepticism 
and said the U.S. has to fight an information war more aggressively. 

I think the Russians hacked like they always do,
I also demand proof before a shit load of sanctions are levied against Russia,
by Obama,
just to throw a monkey wrench into the Trump's start up as president.

Clapper's comment clearly means that they have no fucking proof whatsoever.

Either you say "we are absolutelty confident because we have the undeniable proof"
you are buying time with ... fake news ... and today was CIA and DNI fake news day.

Robert Steele called this the "Deep State" program ... in his quote above,
this effort to run the Trump presidency into the ground with the Russia hacking issue,
or as Steele put it:
The “capture” and neutralization of Donald Trump is well under way. 

The DNI also stated:
that they have the names of the intermediaries Ninja  Pimp  Alien2  
that transferred the emails to Wikileaks  Hmm2

That spin,
should be really interesting.

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