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Next President of the United Fates of America
The CNN media circus continues into 2017:

The media marathon of Russian hacking by the evil dweevil Putin Lol
continues unabated this morning on CNN,
with Kate "dutch boy" Bulldump {Bolduan} now on with her own show.
Looks like CNN buried Pee Wee Berman {kate's former co-host}
somewhere else in their gay media closet.

Bolduan looks much better since CNN took my advice and changed her daily attire.
Only thing she needs now is to eliminate that Dutch Boy haircut,
because she sometimes looks like a gay boy in her flowery dress.

She will never be able to compete with Megyn Kelly,
as CNN strives to find a morning female news Jew to slobber out the CNN political lines.

But Kate is working hard and now has her own show.
But notice the hairdo's on most FOX females Hmm2 ... no Dutch Boys there.

Kate Bolduan of CNN must have a butcher as a hair stylist.
That must be Bashar al-Assad Rofl

When she grows her hair out and becomes a real woman,
maybe then Whip
she can compete with Megyn Kelly.

Bolduan had a very lovely dress on this morning,
all flowery and and pleasant,
and the news Jew talking heads on CNN this morning with Kate,
had the banshee Gloria Phantasm Bolger trying to give Trump advice,
recieves the intel reports from the DNI -- Department of National Intransigence.  Reefer

Bolger talked about Russian hacking like she has seen the report, which she hasn't.
Bolger's hair stylist is also Bashar al-Assad, Lol
but he must be in a better mood when he poofs up Gloria's h-do,
and Kate looks like she has been decapitated at the neck with her h-do,
while CNN just sits her loose head back on top of her dutch boy neckline-hairline,
and says, ... youre on live! ... head or no head.

Now that would be funny!
Kate Bolduan on CNN morning news ... as the headless Dutch Boy.


Trump won't budge on refusing the DNI fudge-n-sludge of Russian hacking, IMO.

I am most interested in seeing the names of the "intermediaries"  Ninja  Pimp  Alien2
that supposedly handed over the emails.

In the meantime, Kate "dutch boy" Bulldump will remain a CNN cracker jack inthe box,
until she decides to get sexy and grow that hair out.

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