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Next President of the United Fates of America
Looks like it might be fairly easy for the anti-Putin establishment,
to create any plethora of political concoctions,
in keeping Putin painted as the perpetual villain for public consumption,
while Trump to continually rides to the rescue of his Russian care bear in twitter-ville USA.

The more that Trump plays out his recurrent sweet tooth Putin tweet syndrome,
the more that Trump isolates himself into a corner slowly but surely,
during this constant media and political anti Putin carnival and parade.

Making friends with the Russians may be impossible to unlikely for a lot of reasons,
but the failure will generate mostly from the bipartisan anti-Puitn contingency,
which is cohesive and determined to punish Russian with sanctions.

If Trump himself remains defiant and determined,
he may however find a way to thaw the current freeze frame in Russia - US relations.
Hopefully sooner than later.

Aside form the Ft Lauderdale killings  Ninja

a more interesting international event Hmm2

 was the departure of the Kuznetsov Hi  from the coast of Syria.

Putin kept the more modernized and effective warships off the coast of Syria,
and sent the old garbage scow back home.
Nonetheless it's a big move.
Putin still has to be the enforcer of any current "peace plan" seen on the table recently.

That peace plan includes Turkey  Naughty
being granted rights to go after the Kurds in northern Syria ... after ISIS in Raqqa falls.

That includes Assad carpet bombing Idlib province soon,
with Russian air support from their air base in Syria
all to kill off the rest of the Aleppo rebels and evacuees.
 {Assad still needing to retake Palmyra from ISIS as well}

Soon enough Iranian troops will be needed to augment the ... Assad re-occupation forces,
that Assad does not have enough of his own troops to manage his own country with.

Don't forget the ongoing CIA backed Saudi led war in Yemen,
against Iranain backed Houthi, 
or the al-Qaeada groups therein.

Somewhere in that long equation,
everything is just going to keep going from bad to worse,
slowly but surely,
as Trump inherits an Obama foreign military policy that was error prone and lame at best.

How far can the elastic stretch ... until the Israeli's take action against the Iranian nuclear plants?
simply stage the pantomine to set Trump up into a Syrian or Iranian fly trap?

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