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Next President of the United Fates of America


watching the Trump news press Q&A session this morning.

He is still entertaining ... that is good!


Quote:If Vladimir Putin likes me ... that's an asset

True, and that is a good thing.

Quote:The Russians hacked Hillary's emails

He said it for the whole nation to hear,
and it won't change anything, he is going to try and thaw relations with Russia.
That is a good thing as well.
He is being strategically politically correct by saying that,
appeasing the security apparatus in the US and congress.


Quote:Does anyone really think that I wouldn't be tougher on Poo-tin Horsepoop  than Hillary?

The first time Putin burns Trump, Putin will regret it,
and you will see a whole different Donald Trump.
It will go a lot farther than sanctions, if that happens.
It all comes down to how much the Russians can restrain themselves from their cold war KGB habits.
KGB is old dog white collar Kriminal Kremlin Klowndom,
and they don't know how to operate anything other than with subterfuge and dirty tricks. 
Putin may change that if relations do thaw.
Trump reaching out to Putin is a good thing.
Will the Russians try and take more than they are given?
It all starts with the sanctions,
and how Trump works around those.

As far as ISIS is concerned,
the Russian military wants to be in charge of Syrian operations.
US military generals will never go for that.
They would have to carve up sections of Syria for both militaries to cleanse of the Ghouls.
Then the US would retreat their air war and ground operatives back into Iraq,
and give it all to Assad and Iran.
This is what I find to be the most interesting event of the war to anticipate.
Giving Iran such a powerful foothold in Syria is counterintuitive to US and Israeli security.
Trump has a tough road to navigate.

If Putin and Trump can get along and thaw the Cold War,
it would be a good thing.

With Iran in the mix as occupiers in Syria,
and Turkey in the mix in northern Syria going after the Kurds once ISIS is dismantled in Raqqa,,
I see an unprecedented debacle on the horizon.
The Chinese are watching from afar and chuckling this way:

Quote:Rots of Ruck !   Rofl

and of course
the Mexican wet back wall and border

Quote:There will be a major border tax on corporations leaving for Mexico to make their products ...

we are going to build a wall




Trump just trashed a reproter with a rude question

Quote:Don't be rude

don't be rude

don't be rude     {three times!]

You are Fake News ... I won't take your question

Trump got a round of applause
Applause  Applause   Applause  Applause  Applause

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