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Next President of the United Fates of America
Late last night, some government workers were hard at work. Yep, that is the best time to release information you want absolutely no one to read… but we read it anyway!
The FBI released more documents related to the investigation into Hillary Clinton. The report stated “hostile foreign actors” garnered access into her personal email accounts AND of individuals with whom the Democrat presidential candidate regularly corresponded, as per LawNewz.
Did foreign hackers get into the DNC email system BECAUSE of Hillary Clinton and her unsecured home-brew server? Such a scenario now seems highly likely, folks. No wonder the Obama-controlled CIA head does not want to share exactly how they learned who hacked into the email of Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta.
The revelation about the hacking should have been huge news. After all, the mainstream media have been talking about virtually nothing but the Russian hackers for weeks now.
The newly released Hillary Clinton documents can be found in full on the agency’s website.  The documents also contain information relating to the FBI investigation into the career politician AFTER they received additional emails from Clinton’s attorney and her computer hardware.
There are five sets of Hillary documents released by the FBI. The first set revealed 940 emails associated with Hillary Clinton’s personal account from October 25, 2010 to December 31, 2010; a total of 56 have been identified as currently at the confidential level.
Also, 302 of the 940 emails in the FBI document dump, identified in the Gmail account, were not found in the set of emails produced to the State Department in 2014. Why not? Will she be charged with withholding information or obstruction of justice?
One of those 302 emails Hillary Clinton did not turn over, as mandated, was classified as secret. We don’t know what the classified email said, but apparently some other country does!
The FBI released the Hillary Clinton documents without even issuing a press release about the material now being publicly available, much less the shocking particulars contained inside. During the latter days of the presidential race, the DOJ and FBI stated repeatedly there was no proof any foreign entity had garnered access to the emails, but now suddenly they know a non-American bad actor had gotten a peek?
The amount of classified information a hostile foreign government could now have in their hands because of Hillary Clinton’s secretive private server is terrifying.
If Clinton regularly corresponded with Obama, intelligence officials, and world leaders, which she did, our enemies could now know far more about what is going on inside the United States government than We the People do!
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