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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:"You should know...I have a germ phobia."

When he said that I laughed and said to myself,
he sounds just like me.

I wouldn't get into the elevator today up at the university,
when the gal walking in before me told me she might have a small cold,
{as i interrogated her on that issue before entering the elevator,
upon hearing her sniffle a little too much.}

people have been dropping like flies out here with flu

The fake news thing about Trump and the golden showers Rofl
was hilarious and so obviously untrue.
Sensationalist lies depends on idiots repeating them,
but then it depends on your viewpoint of what are sensationalist lies,
and who the idiots are.

I have old friends out here that are so upset about Trump being elected,
they cannot watch him or talk about him anymore because they get too upset Rofl
To them,
Trump is a sensationalist liar and anybody who supports him is an idiot.

When you ask them about criminal specifics on Hillary,
they understand to a degree, but just cannot admit it fully to themselves,
and still consider Trump to be a bigger crook.

Itza national deep dish demograhic pizza divide ... half are stupid and the other half is half stupid Lol
and both halves think the same about eachother.

I like being the pizza pie cutter.
Make mine half CNN and half Buzzfeed news so I can slice and dice some Anderson Stupor. 

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