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Next President of the United Fates of America

Trump's CIA nominee ... the remarks about China were of more interest to me.

jump to the chase at about 1:20 through to 1:45

Pompeo was far too scripted in his responses, ... but then he wants to be CIA spookmaster,
so what could be expected other than what we saw.
Pompeo remided me of the typical English movie actor in a leading role as an MI6 chief,
in a low budget James Bond movie.
All he needed was an English accent, and he would be perfect for the role.
He looks like a Trump Tower dress code dick head businessman CIA chief.
I have no doubt that he is quite capable however.
Pompeo needs to wear better quality tailored Italian suits than Putin does.  

check out the slanted and heavy propaganda spin by the NYT

Quote:The C.I.A. under his leadership, he said, 
would provide “accurate, timely, robust and cleareyed analysis of Russian activities.”

That is the only news bit in that NYT article,
almost all of the rest of it is feeble NYT political propaganda.

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