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Next President of the United Fates of America
(01-14-2017, 02:09 PM)rhw007 Wrote:
Quote:Global shit hits the fan soon, you have about a year, maybe more or less, to get your priorities in place..

If it's going to be a NUKE war, we won't have to go to Mars...we will turn Earth into another Mars, just like the Martians did themselves.

On the road...

Bob... Ninja Alien2

Nuke war may just be one part of it,
and that may happen in a limited fashion out in the South China Sea there,
but more likely in the Mid East. 
The best candidate to get toasted would be Iran.
The AyaGhoulah torched in flames from Israeli air strikes would not upset me. Nonono Whip  
Larger nuclear war ...
would be over fast.
Everybody loses, and imagine the refugee camps in Russia and the US.
You might be ordered to leave your home because it is near the hot zone,
and live in tent cities somewhere not so roomy or warm. 
Most of our satellite systems will be toast from Russian and Chinese attacks.
Aside from that, 
there is a huge potential for financial problems globally, 
and another wall street / banks / housing market crash.

I am saying that now is the time for people to get their contingency plans ... planned out, mobilized,
and be ready for, just so you have a chance if shit goes bad.
Right now is a really good time to sell off any possessions that you don't need anymore, 
and invest in whatever your contingency plan is.
Your plan could be to survive with guns, 
or go on a long vacation before you think it all goes bad,
or that plan may be to hole up with food, family, ... and your weed Applause
a lot more than that cold beer.
Stash a few seeds Reefer
You have time, it isn't near emergency time yet, 
but looking at the pace of shit happening now, ... by next winter ... man oh man,
I sure feel like I need to be prepared better than I am now.

If global affairs work themselves out,
{which is highly unlikely since we have wars raging in Syria and Iraq ... so far},
then you will be ready for when the other shit hits the fan, like a viral pandemic,
or whatever Pandora's shock in the box emerges.

The potential is high for war actions confronting China, 
or for something to careen out of control in the Mid East.

Economic war on the Russians is becoming counter productive,
and they make a better ally than the Chinese IMO.

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