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Next President of the United Fates of America
I am watching the inauguration this morning,
Hillary is there dwarfed in the background but smiling while hiding her embarrassment.
GW Bushtard is there telling goofy jokes as the rest of the dignitaries smile and quickly evade monkeytime.

Jimmy Carter is there, he is a good man.
Obama and biden were exchanging jokes and pleasantries on their way to the stage.
Pence went out of his way to graciously shake hands with many people that opposed him.

Melania is very interesting, and she will be the most dynamic and flamboyant First Lady ever.
She is pleasant to look at, and she always surpises you when she speaks.
She will adapt, build courage, and be a great first lady.

My friends are there in the crowd somewhere, happy as can be,
and yesterday they were clowning around the Capitol taking pictures.
they sent me one,
and I have an idea that what he is expressing in his street relaxation mode is one of relief,
and they are both happy campers.

[Image: v5lGWk3.jpg?1]

DJT is the finally the president.


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