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Next President of the United Fates of America
I've remember the Cuban Missile Crisis...
some dumb fuck in class shouts "I HOPE THERE'S A WAR!!!".
Then we had a duck n' cover bomb drill...
a girl wet her pants...and later we called her "Yellow River".

I had a Mad Magazine and my teacher found it
and ripped it up in class and yelled "THIS IS A COMMUNIST MAGAZINE!!!"

In high school we had a class on Communism,
followed by another class on nuclear war (blast overpressure, bomb shelter construction, fallout, etc)
Somewhere I've still got a certificate with a gold printed mushroom cloud.

I asked my Dad if he ever thought of building a bomb shelter.
He got a contorted expression and mumbled "no".

The CD fallout shelter  we were assigned to was in the basement
of an state insane asylum.

oh yeah...and one winter we were told not to eat the snow...

atmospheric Split_spawn

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