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Next President of the United Fates of America
Trump gets slammed by the Federal Court -- no ban on travel from 6 Muslim countries.
The ensuing clown infestation of talking bobbleheads on CNN and FOX,
follows every move Trump makes.

Trump and McCain trade verbal slashings over the Yemen raid.
I don't think it went as well as Trump made it out to be,
but it certainly wasn't as bad as McCain has dragged it out to be a failure.

Go up against seasoned experienced al-Qaeda fighters and you are going to have casualties.
Far more al-Qaeda fighters were killed to the one US death.
But the target  al-Qaeda leader escaped, and too many civilians were killed,
so the raid was not a success in that regard.
The claim is that high value intelligence was captured,
and McCain did not dispute that to my understanding.

I would say that we had better expect a lot more casualties as combat operations increase.

Excerpts from a lengthy article worth reviewing:
How America Could Stumble Into War With Iran

Quote:Days after the Trump administration sanctioned Iran, 
an Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander warned that 
“should the enemy make a mistake, our roaring missiles will rain down on them.” 

Days later a hardline Iranian MP named Mojtaba Zonour boasted that Tehran 
would respond to Washington’s “slightest aggression” 
by “razing to the ground”  Naughty
the U.S. military base in Bahrain. Rofl

And if the U.S. were to fire a missile at Tehran, he said, 
“Only seven minutes is needed for an Iranian missile to hit Tel Aviv.” 
After that Trump, 
not in reaction to Iran but in an attempt to defend himself against charges of being a lackey for Russia, 
tweeted that Iran was “#1 in terror.”

Over the last four decades the U.S. and Iran have regularly engaged in rhetorical, 
maritime, aerial, and proxy battles. 
More recently this cold war has also moved to cyberspace. 
Yet such brinksmanship, while at times close, has never deteriorated into a full-blown conflict. 
Given the confluence of explosive issues and explosive personalities, however, this time may be different.  

But rather than race toward a nuclear weapon, 
which would provoke a strong international reaction, 
Tehran is more likely to reduce cooperation with international inspectors 
and resume its nuclear activities—
under the pretext of a civilian energy program—
in a way that will accentuate fissures in the international coalition (known as the P5+1) 
that negotiated and enforces the nuclear deal.

I asked my Carnegie colleague Mark Hibbs—a renowned nuclear researcher—
how, specifically, Tehran might go about this. 
“If Tehran aimed to divide the P5+1 and aggravate Israel and Western countries,” 
Hibbs told me,
“it might do things not expressly forbidden by the JCPOA 
but that would not be in the spirit of the accord. 
Iran's scientists might do theoretical studies suggesting they are interested in nuclear weapons, 
enriching uranium with lasers, and plutonium metallurgy; 
Iran's diplomats might get suddenly tougher in negotiations with the IAEA 
over access to places inspectors want to visit.”

In essence Tehran will likely move deliberately enough to split the P5+1 coalition—

the U.S., China, Russia, France, Germany, and the U.K.—
between those who argue Iran must be further penalized for violating the nuclear agreement (Washington) 
and those (Beijing, Moscow, and most of Europe) 
eager to preserve the deal who argue more diplomacy, not pressure, is needed.

If you are worried about the Trump presidency ...
... just imagine Hillary Scream in office right now.


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