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Next President of the United Fates of America
I told a friend of mine today -- he is anti-Trump -- 
I told him about the riots in Sweden 2 nights ago, and how Trump was proven right.

He says,
No, those riots all happened years ago, in 2013, none of that is true, it's all Trump lies, 
there are {essentially} no problems in Sweden.

So I said, well look again on the net!

{he had his computer open}

He sat there and watched the video's silently.
He was most silent when the video showed and talked about the 10 cars that were torched,
in the main square.

He watches the fake Gangup  news on CNN and so on and so forth.
I do too.
I keep an eye on all propaganda no matter where it comes from.
That includes Trump.

I expect the global crisis of human stress and conflict to flamethrower itself into an inferno,
timed with the height of the heat of summer probably this coming late August.
That is my sense of things in prediction, we shall see.

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