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Next President of the United Fates of America
I haven't been able to pay a lot of attention to presidential affairs,
but I know by now that every two or three days,
something abruptly controversial always explodes onto the media battlefront with Trump.

It certainly keeps the Cartoon News Network {CNN} busy all day.

Trump will be pressed to produce his evidence by Republicans like Lindsay Graham.

 -- google -- Trump wiretap <---

Below Top Stories section... is --- Trump wiretap on twitter.

There is a selection of three ... twitter accounts --- all 3 completely trash Trump,
all three are major anti Trump selections,
google has prompted them to the top of the page, 
two of the twitter accounts basically calling Trump mentally ill  ... etc

John Dean  Ted Lieu  Kurt Eichenwald

Interesting to see the depth of their comments.
Deep State tentacles.

Point being, certainly there are twitter personalities that are pro Trump available,
yet google
has three primetime anti Trump accounts front and center for that search parameter -- Trump wiretap.

Trump doesn't realize how serious his allegations are,
as he plays into the twitter war with the google droogs like Kurt Eichenwald.

Trump's presidential address pulled himself well out of the fire,
but now he has thrown himself back into the frying pan.
He likes it there ,
because he thinks he's no scratch surface teflon.


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