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Next President of the United Fates of America
ISIS ghouls are about to be captured dead or alive in Mosul.
The ISIS jihadists that are still there in Mosul are the really stupid ones.
Rumors are that top ISIS leadership are already beginning to evacuate from Raqqa as well. 

The question is ... where will they go?

Al-Qaida affiliates won't help them.
Everyone else wants to kill them.
Syria is awfully small to hide in.
I guess it's off to Afghanistan and northern Africa for the top ISIS ghouls in Raqqa.

Developments in northern Syria -- a surprise:
A Kurdish-Russian deal against Turkey
Quote:Lieutenant General Sergei Rudskoy, Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the Russian General Staff, 
has confirmed a deal between Russia, 
the Syrian government and the Kurds 
in Manbij 
against Turkey and Turkish-backed rebels.

However, despite of the alleged handover of some villages to the Syrian army, 
heavy clashes continued on Saturday between the Turkish-led Euphrates Shield rebels 
and the SDF forces west of Manbij. 
This makes it unclear whether these areas are handed over to the Syrian government, 
since clashes are ongoing since Thursday.

“Euphrates Shield forces continue to attack MMC regions. 
They failed, and a lot of them were killed in recent clashes [about 34 km] west of Manbij,” 
SDF-spokesperson Sharvan Darwish said on Saturday. 

In an interview with ARA News, Nicholas A. Heras, 
Bacevich Fellow at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), said: 
Ceding that territory west of Manbij to Assad’s forces, 
via a Russian-brokered deal, 
sends a signal to Turkey 
that the SDF understands the strategic value of the territory to Euphrates Shield, 
and will spite Turkey by giving it to Assad.” 

“Notably, the SDF has retained territory south and west of Manbij 
that continues to allow it an access road to Afrin via Assad-controlled areas. 
Access to Afrin from the area of Manbij is the real strategic prize of this territory for the SDF,” 
he concluded.
Kurdish internal disputes escalate across Syria and Iraq

Assad Syrian regime is seeing what --- 
occupation force Gangup  obligations  entail --- 
enforcing security 
 in newly gained territory is going to be one hell of a suicide vest infestation Whip
Suicide bomber strikes Damascus justice building, killing 30
Quote:Suicide bombers hit the main judicial building and a restaurant in Damascus on Wednesday, 
killing at least 30 people, 
according to state media, 
spreading fear across Syria's capital as the country's civil war enters its seventh year.

The first attacker struck inside the Justice Palace, 
located near the famous and crowded Hamidiyeh market. 
The explosion left bodies lying amid pools of blood and shattered glass in the building's main hall, 
adorned with a picture of President Bashar Assad  Naughty
hanging on one of the walls.

The official news agency, SANA, 
said another suicide explosion struck a restaurant in Rabweh district of Damascus, 
leading to multiple casualties, mostly women and children. 
The Ikhbariyeh TV channel said the attacker was being chased by security agents 
when he ran into a restaurant 
and detonated his explosives vest there.

On Feb. 25, insurgents stormed into heavily guarded security offices in Syria's central city of Homs, 
clashed with government troops 
and then blew themselves up, 
killing a senior officer and at least 31 others.

The bombings were the latest in a spate of deadly explosions and suicide attacks 
targeting government-controlled areas in Syria and its capital. 
There was no immediate claim of responsibility for either attack, 
but other, similar attacks in recent weeks were claimed by al-Qaida's affiliate in Syria.

The attacks came as Syrians mark the sixth anniversary of the country's bitter civil war, 
which has killed more than 400,000 people and displaced millions of others. 
The conflict began in March 2011 as a popular uprising against Assad's rule 
but quickly descended into a full-blown civil war. 
The chaos allowed al-Qaida and later the Islamic State group to gain a foothold in the war-torn nation.

The recent attacks have struck at highly symbolic targets, 
and may mark the start of a new insurgency campaign by al-Qaida-linked militants 
to try and counter recent military advances by Assad's forces, backed by Russia and Iran.

According to Damascus police chief Mohammad Kheir Ismail, 
the Justice Palace attacker struck in the early afternoon — at 1.20 p.m. 
A man wearing a military uniform and carrying a shotgun and grenades 
arrived at the entrance to the palace, the police chief told state TV.

The guards stopped the man, 
took away his arms and tried to search him. 
At that point, the man hurled himself inside the building and detonated his explosives, the chief said.

Syria's attorney general, Ahmad al-Sayed, 
who was in the building just a few meters away from the explosion, 
confirmed that account to state TV, saying that when the security guards tried to arrest the man, 
he threw himself inside the palace and blew himself up. 
He said 30 people were killed and 45 others wounded.

The high profile attacks were claimed by an al-Qaida-linked insurgent coalition 
known as the Levant Liberation Committee, formerly known as the Nusra Front.

Wednesday's attacks also came during a new round of peace talks in the Kazakh capital of Astana. 
Syria's armed opposition boycotted those talks 
due to what they say are ongoing government military offensives across the country.

Syria's U.N. ambassador said earlier Wednesday 
that he was concluding his participation in the latest round in Astana, 
after two days of meetings without rebels. 
Bashar Jaafari said discussions were "constructive" but only one official paper was produced — 
about demining Palmyra, 
the historic Syrian town that pro-government forces recaptured from the Islamic State group two weeks ago.

Syrian rebels did not send any delegates to this, third round in Astana, 

accusing the government and Russia — one of Damascus' main backers — 
of breaking cease-fire pledges and obligations to distribute humanitarian aid.

Yea, meanwhile in Damascus, it is just starting to get worse.
Assad cannot maintain security across Syria.
Unless of course,
he gets a lot of Iranian ... assistance in the form of manpower.


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