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Next President of the United Fates of America

Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) ranks 6th in the House with an estimated net worth* of $101,273,024 in 2014.


by Pamela Williams

Wow, did I honestly just read this?  Senator Charles Grassley has sent his second letter to FBI Director James Comey to inquire about how the FBI became involved in colluding with Christopher Steele, a former agent for the U.K.’s foreign intelligence service, MI6, concerning the lurid dossier on President Donald Trump and Russia.  

I am sitting here reading this in disbelief, as this whole thing just keeps getting bigger and bigger like  Director Comey’s nose.  This is Senator Grassley’s second letter!  Does Comey really believe he can hide behind closed doors at this point?  Director Comey needs to wake up and confess his dirty deeds.

So now we discover the FBI was actually involved in that crazy dossier and the golden waters story!  I still am not clear on where this actually originated.  There was an actual rumor it originated on the Internet site 4chan as a prank.  Remember that?  But then it turned into the Christopher Steele spy story, and finally there was actually a man associated with Steele who was found deceased in his car.

Steele had been commissioned by an opposition research firm at the request of Republican opponents of Trump to dig into allegations that the Russian government had a substantial amount of compromising information on Trump during his effort to win the GOP presidential nomination. After Trump became the party nominee, a backer of Hillary Clinton continued to pay for the information.  This is unbelievable!

In October just a few weeks before the election, the FBI agreed to fund Steele’s investigations even as it remained unsure about the legitimacy. No payments were ever exchanged, but the damage was done after the dossier became public knowledge.  Who would ever imagine the FBI would be mixed up in such a thing?

“The idea that the FBI and associates of the Clinton campaign would pay Mr. Steele to investigate the Republican nominee for president in the run-up to the election raises further questions about the FBI’s independence from politics,” Grassley wrote in a March 6 letter to Comey.  However, that letter went unanswered.
Here is a video about the matter:
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