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Next President of the United Fates of America
Trump's condemnation of Assad today while on stage with King Abdullah,
was an interesting 180 to his prior position on Syria overall.
Nikki Haley was at the UN today,
trading barbs-n-bullets of propaganda war with her Russian counterpart.

We shall see if Trump backs his words up with action.

So I just had to make a cartoon seeing how this Assad nastiness,
is only being backed up by Russia and Iran.

top of the image is the original:
I posted here 6 months prior to Putin entering Russian air power into Syria.
middle image {upgraded}
was just prior to that -- and itza still going to happen Whip
bottom image
is what's coming to Iran and the Ayatollah Applause
Trump is going to have to burn some Ayatoasta  Reefer

[Image: s97cPkE.jpg]


Now we get to see how Trump handles Xi JinPing the Chinese Noodle Swamp King ...


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