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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:Stranger yet ... Assad would shoot himself in the Foot

Assad did it on purpose to test US resolve after Haley a few days ago,
began chastising Assad at the UN,
while at the same time Trump was talking about leaving Assad alone.

Assad could care less about what anybody thinks,
and is belligerently active with Russian and Iranain support militarily.
The Russians will find themselves in a harder spot defending Assad's further actions with lies.

Your president has finally realized what Assad really is.
In this aftermath now,
Russia is pushing for clarification of US policy in Syria,
due to the mixed signals from Haley at the UN and Trump in his presidential armchair at the WH.
Chances are good that Trump won't do very much about it,
and is playing to deflect negative publicity at home by saying things,
that "western democracy governments" across the world want to hear.

Trump in this case did not accept the Russian - Assad spin on the situation.
He realized that he would look blatantly stupid trying to defend Assad and Russia in this case,
while at the same time juggling his current problems.

He is looking to his generals now for options.
They will tell him that we can do this-n-that but if Assad employs Russian guided air defense systems,
we will lose a percentage of attack fighters carrying out punitive missions on Assad's military.

To augment any punitive measures US fighters may have to stage attacks on the air defense systems,
and if Russian decides to defend the butcher Assad ... with air power ...
well then there goes any hope of Russian - US relations warming.
It's all playing right into Graham and McCain's hands right now.

Assad needs to be eliminated.
he will either be assassinated or killed in air strikes,
or he will leave Syria to live in luxury in St. Petersburg Russia or in Tehran.
He might be able to hole up in Latakia Syria under Russian protection,
but he is too much of an elitist for that seclusive lifestyle once out of power.

Quote:Stranger yet
is all those Syrian white hats
handling gas victims
with Bare hands
BULLSHIT is afoot .

Gas is inhaled at the localized site of gas deployment ... and the aerial gas was long gone by that juncture,
then victims were removed from the immediate location of contamination.
Nobody will get anything close to lethal effects of gas exposure from victims skin. {read below}
The nerve gas absorbs through the skin into the bloodstream.

Victims have been removed from the gas site itself ...
{which does retain contamination}
and they are: 
first washed / sprayed  with soapy water or anti nerve gas lotions,
and thereafter there is little worry about cross contamination via skin contact.
You have to get a large dose to die.

Those "white hats" are well trained to deal with chemical gas exposures on victims.
Nerve gas is dense and will linger at a contamination site on surfaces.
That is why you see so many piled up victims being hosed down first,
either on site after the gas has dispersed, or upon quick removal to a safer location nearby.

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