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Next President of the United Fates of America


59 cruise missiles spanked that Syrian air base Applause

Your president Donald Trump,
was obviously convinced that Assad was behind the gas attack.

The Russians were given plenty of fair warning Hi  that the cruise missile attack was coming,
and the Russians and Assad did nothing Nonono
to stop any incoming missiles,
with those vaunted Russian air defense systems, the S 300, and S 400.

When the Russians got warning, then the Syrians got warning.
Assad has control of many of those air defense systems.
Why didn't Assad just shoot half the cruise missiles down?

Because he was under pressure, and not from Trump,
he was under pressure from Putin.

And the Russians?
They were right there, they were warned with plenty of time,
and suddenly Lol
Putin got all reserved and complacent Cry  and didn't fire off one S-400 to defend an Assad air base.

I am glad that Trump took action,
but it was somewhat of a lean and lame effort with far too conciliatory of an attack.

What was it Trump used to say at his campaign rallies?
That he wouldn't "telegraph his military intentions" like Obama did in Iraq.

So he goes and warns the Russians who go and warn the Syrians who then take off in their jets.
He should have just hit the air base with no warning.
Trump was kind and respectful to the Russians,
because S-400 defenses would only get a certain percentage Whip
of an incoming force of 59 cruise missiles that all hit within  a one minute span.

Now the Trump administration states that ---> Assad has to go Kickbut

Assad is lucky. 
I would have hit Damascus high command with 59 cruise missiles and taken Assad out.
Game over.

So I see this image in Wook's post a few back, with this statement in big bold print:

Quote:The same media and politicians
that lied to you
about Iraq,

that lied to you
about Libya,

are lieing to you ... about Syria 

Trump just told the world what he thinks is the truth about Syria and Assad and the gas attack.

With 59 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles.

count 'em ... 59 times the Truth ... note the part below: newer versions can loiter above the target ...

[Image: 0e5f1dfb60e07da7be40a076a197b249.jpg]

---- Newer versions ... can loiter  Rofl  ... over the targets --- 

Sounds like the US Navy got to unload a lot of old scrap Tomahawks on Assad,
... they are saving the better munitions for Damascus and Tehran {lol}


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