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Next President of the United Fates of America
Bob says:

Quote:Syria bombed an ISIS stronghold that WAS MAKING THEIR OWN NERVE GAS !!!


That is absolute clueless nonsense.
How unfortunate.
Khan Sheikhoun where the gas attack occured is an Al-Qaeda or Al-Nusra controlled town,

ISIS forces are nowhere located near to this town.
Al-Qaeda with Al-Nusra are both enemies of ISIS.
The Syrians have blamed the "nerve gas factory" on what they call the terrorists --- Al-Nusra.

To show you how fucking lame Whip your comment is,
here is the Syrian foreign minister himself:

Quote:“I stress to you once again: 
The Syrian Army has not, did not and will not use this kind of weapons — 
not just against our own people, 
but even against the terrorists that attack our civilians with their mortar rounds,” 
the minister, Walid al-Moallem, 
said at a news conference in Damascus.

Mr. Moallem repeated an explanation, 
which experts say is implausible, 
that the toxic substances were dispersed after the Syrian Army 
had conducted an 11:30 a.m. air raid on an insurgent depot that he said contained chemical weapons.

His statement echoed a Russian account 
of what had happened that witnesses and Western leaders say is contradicted by the evidence.

Mr. Moallem asserted that Al Qaeda’s Syria affiliate, 
commonly called Al Nusra Front, 
and its main jihadist rival, the Islamic State, harbor illicit chemical weapons in Syria.

Asked whether Syria would present proof that it was not involved in the attack, 

Mr. Moallem responded, 
“How am I supposed to go to Khan Sheikhoun if it’s held by Al Nusra?”

So as you can see the Syrian foreign minister claims that both groups have chemical weapons,
but clearly points to Al-Nusra <---
as the chemical weapons perpetrator in the case of the city the Syrians just bombed.

Wooks post:

Quote:Trump’s support will be decimated unless he stops now! Ann Coulter: 
“Meddling in the Middle East has destroyed every president who’s ever tried it.”

To be clear:
Coulter made the second statement, ... she did not make the first statement.
So I looked for content on this by Coulter,
and finally found a good source.

These are heavy comments by Coulter.
She indeed rips into Trump:

Quote:“He saw a sad picture on TV, 
so now he’s going to throw out everything he said about Syria, in particular. 

It’s not just his overall position as he said beautifully, 
I might add, beautifully in that State of the Union Address, 
in his inauguration address and in many speeches on the campaign trail, 
I am not running to be President of the world. 
I am running to be President of America and I will put America’s interest first. 
But now we hear he saw the sad picture, 
which, let’s be honest, is probably faked. 
It makes no sense that Assad would do this.”

She said Trump should be more focused on fulfilling his commitments 
to deport undocumented aliens and expressed her frustration with the White House staff 
that have newly bolstered influence in regards to decision making.

“How about showing Trump some pictures of the women and children 
who have been raped and murdered by illegal aliens, 
and legal aliens. 
Could we get a little action on even slowing down the refugees…

We have half of Goldman Sachs working in the White House. 
We have Nikki Haley at the UN. 
We have, allegedly, him considering Mr Amnesty, Kevin McCarthy, 
to replace Steve Bannon right now. 
We had Obamacare light. 
We have him not hiring Kris Kobach. 
We have him not hiring Corey Lewandowski. 
There are about two people I trust in that White House right now and he’s not listening to them.”

Coulter warned that the Middle East is a quagmire 
where ambitious Presidential agendas meet their demise.

This is the rise of the military industrial complex, the neocons, permanent war.

No President meddling in the Middle East has ever been helped by that. 
Never, never, never. 
Even stupid things that Obama, for example on Syria, 
the red line drew and then he ends up being humiliated by doing nothing when, 
allegedly, and again, 
I’m not sure we know that that time Assad had used chemical weapons. 
That was the allegation…But did that hurt him? No. 
Just don’t get involved and we don’t care. 
Most of the rest of the world are savages.”

very interesting

this is my take:

Warning shots are bullshit.
Punitive measures are bullshit.
Taking out an airbase and 20 jets is kibbles and bits, it's peanuts.
59 Tomahawks was overkill for a feeble punitive action.
Now Trump has to back up his balls.
You can bet that Russia and Syria will test his testicles.
There was a lot of gain for Trump politically,
over a broad spectrum both nationally and internationally.
It was an interesting timing,
throwing a curve ball at both Putin and Xi JinPing at the same time.
That part I liked. 
The strike on the air base is an interesting facet of Trump's conscience in what he saw.
If you are going to take military action,
it needs to be more decisive in overall military effect than that IMO.
If you are going to strike Assad  Hmm2
well then,
strike Assad Whip and decapitate the murderous son of bitch and change everything all at once.

That is what I would have done -- IF --- I would have taken military action.

This air strike by Trump just forces the Russians to tighten up,
and deploy cruise missile destroyers to the area,
and get ready to use their S 400 air defense systems.

It may have been prudent for Trump to hold back for better opportunity,
and then use greater military force,
to actually CHANGE something.

In other words, it was a news extravaganza that he cashed in on politically,
by sheer movement of conscience to react as a humanitarian,
{though politically savvy with the surprise factor on Putin and Xi}
but overall,
it really doesn't change much, and makes the Russians proactive to ... compensate,
with military action of their own.
That Russian destroyer headed to the area is a message to the US,
but it also may be staging a cruise missile tsunami on those Al-Nusra held areas in Idlib.

Coulter's comment was most interesting ... I bet she changes her tune:

Quote:This is the rise of the military industrial complex, the neocons, permanent war.



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