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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:Rachel Maddow had a guest
that said this attack was Putin and Trump Collusion
to slow Trump Russia collusion investigation .

That idea was inevitably going to be put forward,
and of course it ended up on Maddow's show.
No, I doubt there was collusion at all,
but I do not doubt,
that the strike had as one of it's ulterior motives,
a benefit in "slowing down the investigation"

The strike did little in effecting any war actions by Assad.
His planes are already taking off from the same base and bombing Idlib province.
Here is the crux of the situation:
We have Haley at the UN broadcasting that the US might carry forth this new policy,
in the form of more military action.
If so,
then the next military action will far exceed the requirements of this recent punk ass punitive measure,
of bombing {scratching the surface} of an air base with cruise missiles.
B-2 bombers would be needed with cruise missiles, and a whole new contingent of naval vessels,
to include aircraft carriers.

What interests me is the McCain - Graham slobber and drool infestation,
over striking Assad with a "message".
They continually call out for "no fly zones" Hmm2

I don't see anyone addressing the fact that those S 400 Russian defense systems,
are going to make a "no fly zone" 
a major difficulty.

Any escalated US military action,
would have to involve taking out those defense systems at some juncture.
Then you have Russian and US ships firing at each other in the Mediterranean as well,
with US and Russian jets in conflict over Syria.

So,the POLICY will be demanded out of Trump.
Perhaps the US military thinks it can handle the S 400.
It probably can,
but it would take a lot more than two destroyers and 59 cruise missiles.

The Russians are not going to back down,
and I expect them to use their soon to arrive cruise missile frigate to hammer the Idlib province,
and the Al-Nusra factions that control it.

The coming Tillerson meeting with his Russian counterparts will provide new answers,
as to what US and Russian policy will be,
in going forward.

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