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Next President of the United Fates of America
I see that you are doing just fine having fun here.

After the last episode of ugly nonsense between us all,
I am done here on this thread for the time being.

The bad blood displayed is not good for me, for you, or Bob, or the forum.
Seeing how I have to limit my time here at HM,
due to upcoming serious time constraints with being back in business etc etc,
something has to give ... or be curtailed in my posting time.

This thread and / or too much ancient math in other threads for instance,
takes up a lot of effort and time. {too much}
It was fun making the cartoon images,
but the argumentations,
over pathetic and sick fucked up and repugnant Syrian military propaganda trash,
isn't worth the bad blood it creates.

This is your thread now Wook.
Have fun if you want to continue the thread.

Russian propaganda has obviously bitten it's lip and tempered their opinions,
as they hopefully await Trump battling down the resistance,
by the huge anti Russian contingency in US governement.

Putin is desperate for the Exxon technology that will drill in their northern seas,
and extract the largest oil reserves on the planet.
Russia cannot provide it's own technology to accomplish that,
becasue they spend all their resources on their military.
That is the same reason their space program is still in the toilet,
and they cannot get a trash can past the Moon.

The Trump meeting with Xi Jinping is a calculated strategy that could easily fail.
It also may succeed,
in relation to N Korea, we shall see.
In the meantime, it is interesting that Trump realized that BUSINESS 
that actually makes real money across the board, 
may be better accomplished in China trade than with Russia which has little to offer,
other than oil exploratory venues.
This sets an economic / political strategy that puts more pressure on Putin over time.

I don't think we can trust the Chinese, 
and Trump is likely vulnerable to be burned by either Xi or Putin.
The Chinese however also have huge business interests in the USA.
In that regard,
and they make the Russians stand in line in political considerations it appears.

the North Korean mess is going to be addressed,
Chinese or no Chinese, that is becoming clear.

Assad is no less the Ghoul than Baktr al-Baghdadi.
Both need to be decapitated.
The situation in Syria will go to further into hell as more Iranian presence builds up.
Note the recent upsurge in US propaganda pointing at ---Iran -- not Syria.

The war with ISIS is a flash in the pan,
compared to the coming war with Iran.
and when that unfolds, 
then we have WW3.

When the Israelis hit Assad's air defenses and / or attack Iran,
I will certainly pop back in and say something.
I seriously doubt that the US is going to challenge the Russian air defenses,
protecting the remaining Syrian air force all sucked up in one Russian air base on the coast.

Syrian military has had to move their entire air force under that umbrella of protection,
at one Russian air base on the coast,
where Russians operate the s300 and s 400 air defense systems.
This tells you a lot about the entirety of Syrian air defense.
No wonder then that the Israeli's attack into Syria with impunity,
and take out Hezbollah supply convoys on their way to Lebanon.

Assad's days are numbered, 
and his army cannot occupy the rest of Syria,
with any prospect of efficiency or civil rule,
without large numbers of Iranian and Hezbollah military backup.
Russian jets cannot do that job either.
And Putin is not going to send in Russian soldiers to occupy Syria.

This war is guaranteed to go to Iran at some point, 
because they always were the end game.
Be it ISIS, al-Nusra, al-Qaeda, or the Kurds,
who all hate Iran,
or the US and Israel who will not allow Iranian military nuclear proliferation,
this Mid East Islamic Ghoul war always had it's end game with Iran.  

The next president of the USA is likely to be Pence,
once Trump crashes and burns which is being planned for by the Deep State.
Trump is crafty enough to adapt and possibly avoid his Deep State Funeral,
and you saw that with his 180's in policy.  

You still see the stock market working well even while Trump stumbles and bumbles.
When you see the stock market and real estate bubbles tank and plunge,
then you will see Trump do the same.
The silent catalyst,
that will propel Trump down into the toilet,
the catalyst that will subliminally grease and oil up his teflon slide into that toilet,
will be when he trashes state rights,
and the feds "enforce marijuana regulations".

Jeff Sessions is a cross between a munchkin from Oz and an alien critter jitter, a cretinous imp.
He is a fucking clown and an idiot and chimpanzee, 
and Trump policy on MJ is just stupid bullshit that will get him nothing but more political backlash.

Odds are good that ... like FSB said earlier,
Trump wont last out the rest of the year.
He does know how to adapt, but all that will most likely be too little too late.
I do wish him well,
until he goes after the states rights and MJ.
Then I will aid and promote all efforts to crump and stump the Trumpty Dumpty,
in his fall of the Wall.

You guys have fun in the meantime if you want to play out this thread, 
it's your thread now,
I won't even read, because that just gets me involved again,
and also because I find Syrian military propapganda and Assad,
to be some of the most vile,
and repugnant content on the planet, worse than ISIS itself.

Putin will continue to find himself deeper and deeper between a rock and a hard place,
with Syria and Iran,
just like Trump will, as he plays out his 180 degree baseball game with the Deep State.

Trump wants to be the home run batter,
but when he is up to bat these days,
he faces the catcher, 
not the pitcher,
and tries to knock the ball out of the catchers mitt over the wall,
behind the plate.

He is however, ... learning how to be more patient and take a free walk to first base.
His attack on the Syrian air base,
was a double into the gap in center field,
but he was stranded there at second base, and no real runs were scored.

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