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Next President of the United Fates of America

I had to commemorate the event.
No better place than in this thread.
It's Show Smoke  Time in Russia.
The Putin - Trump Summit.
Certainly the biggest political event of Trump's career.
I am surprised he made it this far into his presidency,
with the endless daily onslaught of C.lown N.ews N.etwork style multi media nonsense.

Putin is on Home Court.
He has the advantage.
Will it be the endless handshakes and smiles of happy go lucky "competitors" ... Lol
or will they both try to upstage Kickbut the other?

Putin always has an Ace in his pocket.
It is the Fifth Ace in the global card deck.
Trump has the same Ace in his pocket as well.
The fifth ace in the global power play deck is the:
Ace of Jokers Whip

Some day Vlady is going to get arthritis in his middle finger from overuse.

[Image: jcHOCeL.jpg]

Trump -- Make America Great Again

[Image: tiOCuZN.jpg]

But there is a Wild Card in this Joker's Ace deck  Hmm2
That's right, A Sixth Ace. 
Trump's ever faithful  ...  Ace in the Hole ... 
The Joker's Ace Queen. Jawdrop

Putin doesn't have one of those in his pocket.

[Image: O30ELIQ.jpg]

The Sixth Ace indeed. Only one of those in the global power play card deck.

Let us  wish the world well!
May the Putin - Trump summit be a success!


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